1-5mm graphite petroleum coke

Pubdate: 06-21 2021

1-5mm graphite petroleum coke

Since the beginning of this year, CGM has seized market opportunities, regarded petroleum coke as a new profit growth point, and tapped the potential of the equipment for optimization and adjustment. In the first quarter, the sales volume of petroleum coke continued to rise on the basis of a constant 30,000 tons. In April, it reached a historical high of 50,000 tons, creating an effect of 10 million yuan, which became a highlight of the company’s optimization and efficiency creation.

Multi-departmental cooperation to seize market opportunities

“Follow the establishment of a special team to work together to solve the problem of petroleum coke delivery.” At the beginning of April, the company’s production and operation scheduling meeting again deployed the petroleum coke delivery work.

Since the beginning of this year, the price gap between petroleum coke and coal has increased. In March, the price of petroleum coke in North China rose sharply, and there has been a market opportunity that has not been seen in the past 10 years. They adjusted their production and operation methods, increased external sales of petroleum coke, adjusted the fuel structure of the Thermal Power Department internally, and activated emergency channels for the export of petroleum coke.

As the No. 2 coking plant’s trestle can only be transported by automobiles after the closed renovation, it has become a bottleneck for large shipments. At the same time, reducing the amount of petroleum coke used means increasing the proportion of coal blended. The coking coal blending ratio of the 3 CFB boilers of the Ministry of Thermal Power is designed to be 5:5. Increasing the blending ratio will bring difficulties to boiler combustion and environmental protection index adjustment, and bring challenges to boiler safety, environmental protection, and long-term economic operation. “In a word, in-depth cooperation between multiple departments is necessary, and errors in any link will affect the overall progress.” said Cao Xisheng, deputy manager of CGM’s production department.

All departments actively cooperated and opened the emergency channel. In only 30 days, 700 vehicles were installed by the Thermal Power Department and 21,300 tons of graphite petroleum coke were exported.

Turn on emergency mode to solve the problem of stable operation

At the end of February, CGM issued an order to open an emergency channel for export graphite petroleum coke, and the Department of Thermal Power quickly opened the emergency mode. On the one hand, we set out to formulate production and operation plans and adjust the proportion of fuel blending in production and operation; on the other hand, we set out to prepare for various links such as site, unloading, and transportation. At the same time, conduct a comprehensive risk assessment and advance research and judgment of possible problems, and formulate emergency plans.

“The adjustment of the ratio of coking coal has a great impact on the operation of the furnace. The most intuitive thing is that the particles of the slag increase, and the erosion of the furnace tube is serious. Just like a large rock and a small grain of sand, a stone of the same speed is definitely more important than a sand mill tube. More severe, the slag is more likely to be blocked, so the entire production process must be operated more carefully than before.” said Yu Yingmin, chief of the production section of the thermoelectric department.

The Department of Thermoelectricity has concentrated its efforts to increase equipment inspection and maintenance efforts, explore new technologies for water-cooled walls to prevent wear, and continuously optimize and adjust the plan. Since the implementation of the measures, the ministry has set a record for the blending ratio of coal and coke in a single furnace to increase to 8:2.

As the external sales of petroleum coke increased, the mutual supply also increased, the frequency of equipment use increased, and the operating cycle increased. In order to ensure that the unloading equipment is put into use in good condition, the thermoelectric department uses the operating gap of the coke storage system to centrally eliminate defects, and at the same time strengthens daily inspections and equipment maintenance, leaving sufficient time for petroleum coke export work.

Overcome difficulties and expand the benefit space from every detail

“It is difficult for transportation vehicles to meet environmental protection standards, night work is difficult for site safety management, and for participating departments to coordinate, communicate, and cooperate…” Wang Yingkun, director of the fuel workshop of the Ministry of Thermal Power, listed a series of problems that need to be overcome.

The coke output of the refining department changes with the processing volume. The production department should balance the inventory of the second coking coke pool based on the coke output, and organize the vehicles to leave the factory to the maximum extent without blocking the warehouse. “We have a dedicated group that connects the work content in real time, predicts which link may have problems, and how to solve them…” said Cao Xisheng. The relevant personnel tried every means to expand the benefit space from every detail.

Purchasing low-cost petroleum coke that meets the furnace entry standards to replace the high value-added internal coke supply is the key to this petroleum coke export sales. Petroleum coke serial exchange involves a series of work such as plant scheduling, serial exchange plan, mutual supply plan, inventory capacity, quality inspection and testing, vehicle transportation, etc. It requires the cooperation of multiple departments such as production, business planning, laboratory measurement and measurement, as well as the North China branch of oil refining sales. Full support. At the special meeting on petroleum coke string exchange, all parties coordinated and communicated in a timely manner the related issues and progress of the petroleum coke string exchange process to ensure the smooth progress of the petroleum coke string exchange.

In order to solve the problem, the fuel workshop optimizes and adjusts the feeding line, assigns special personnel to clean the export site and roads along the way, flushes the vehicles out of the factory, and strictly controls the loading tonnage to prevent on-site dust and road pollution along the way. Isolation barriers are set up around the export area, outdoor lighting is increased, vehicles entering and exiting strictly abide by on-site loading and unloading instructions, and night work safety is guaranteed. In response to the problem of lack of storage space, they planned the loading area in advance, according to the petroleum coke string exchange, mutual supply and export plan, the inventory coke was turned over and used, and the material changes were arranged in time to be mixed into the furnace to realize the storage and return of incoming coke. The car can be sold.

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