100% needle coke raw materials

Pubdate: 06-21 2021

100% needle coke raw materials

A few days ago, the launch of needle coke raw materials distribution base and the maiden voyage ceremony of 4 domestic and foreign container routes were successfully held.

The needle coke raw materials distribution base is the first port needle coke raw materials distribution base established by Aluminum Corporation of China. It serves the domestic needle coke raw materials distribution business. It is expected to bring an increase of needle coke raw materials by more than 200,000 tons per year. Operating income is 6 million yuan. The launch of the distribution base can drive the gathering of upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry, enrich the port’s customer system, and will greatly increase the visibility of needle coke raw materials in the country, domestic and foreign fields, and lay a foundation for building an important needle coke raw materials mixing and distributing base in the country. Solid foundation.

At the same time, 4 domestic and foreign trade container routes were opened centrally, and the number of container routes increased to 11, further improving the base point and the route layout of connecting major ports, forming a north-radiating economic circle, and connecting the southeast coast and the Pan-Pearl River Delta economic circle to the south. The development trend of the country will accelerate the pace of entering the ranks of the main coastal ports of the country, enhance the radiation capacity, help regional economic growth and expand foreign trade.

Among them, the opening of the Japanese route has achieved a zero breakthrough in container business, strengthened the import and export trade with Japan, and provided a more convenient and economical logistics channel for import and export goods in the district, compared with the transportation mode of two transits. It will reduce logistics costs for customers by 20%, and it is expected that the throughput of foreign trade containers will be increased by 15,000 TEUs each year.

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