2-5mm graphite petroleum coke

Pubdate: 06-21 2021

2-5mm graphite petroleum coke

On the 4th, the annual report of the CGM sales center showed that in 2020, the sales of 2-5mm graphite petroleum coke will be 171,700 tons, the sales revenue will be 343 million yuan, and the cumulative efficiency gain will be more than 25 million yuan. CGM firmly seized the favorable opportunity of the bullish petroleum coke market, accurately studied market demand and price trends, and flexibly adjusted its sales strategy by increasing the production of marketable products, so as to achieve an increase in the production and sales of petroleum coke.

Petroleum coke is the main raw material for the production of graphite electrodes. As the domestic demand for graphite electrodes and electrolytic aluminum has increased significantly, graphite petroleum coke products have become the “new favorite” in the market. CGM’s 2A-class low-sulfur petroleum coke produced by the delayed coking unit with an annual processing capacity of 1.2 million tons has become increasingly tight due to its limited resources.

At the beginning of the year, due to the dual impact of the epidemic and the decline in oil prices, the market demand for 2-5mm graphite petroleum coke collapsed, and the price continued to fall. The inventory of 2-5mm graphite petroleum coke once jeopardized production. The CGM Sales, Storage and Transportation Center relieved the high-risk inventory of 2-5mm graphite petroleum coke in a timely manner at the critical moment of epidemic prevention and control by adjusting sales strategies, dredging transportation links, and improving service quality, and regained stability in 2-5mm graphite petroleum. coke market.

With the gradual alleviation of the new crown epidemic and downstream demand, CGM firmly grasped the “golden period” of production and operation efficiency, guided by market demand, and implemented six closely-tracking measures: keeping a close eye on the production dynamics of similar enterprises and grasping the product supply situation; Keep a close eye on the production dynamics of downstream enterprises and grasp the demand for products; keep a close eye on the application of terminal products and grasp the market situation of terminal products; keep a close eye on product industry information and grasp the development of emerging industries; keep a close eye on downstream customer groups and expand market sales channels; keep a close eye on sales Service quality, enhance product competitiveness and corporate influence.

The refinery implements the “one policy per day” work requirements for improving quality and efficiency, scheduling each set of production units according to the best efficiency processing route, giving priority to meeting the demand for residual oil from delayed coking units, and reasonably increasing the cycle ratio of delayed coking units. The delayed coking unit is mainly used for processing residual oil, reducing the slag mixing ratio of the two catalytic units, and increasing the mixing ratio of the catalytic oil slurry from 7.5% to 11.6%, tapping the potential of the operation status and production structure of the unit, and making full use of it. Increased production of 2-5mm graphite petroleum coke, with daily processing capacity exceeding 3,100 tons.

The Sales, Storage and Transportation Center focuses on market research and research, actively communicates with customers, improves service levels, and adopts appropriate and flexible sales strategies to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. In order to maximize the benefits of 2-5mm graphite petroleum coke, according to the price of crude oil and the price trend of 2-5mm graphite petroleum coke of similar enterprises, timely adjust the product ex-factory price, flexibly control the price adjustment node, and jointly quote the price with the same industry. Only in 2020 In October, the 2-5mm graphite petroleum coke pushed the price five times, and the ton price increased by 800 yuan.

On the 2-5mm graphite petroleum coke loading trestle, trucks waiting for loading line up. With the delay in the production of large-scale coking plants, the export volume of 2-5mm graphite petroleum coke products has increased significantly, which has brought severe challenges to the loading work. The CGM refinery strengthened communication with the storage and transportation center and relevant departments, actively coordinated vehicles, and worked out a loading plan to ensure the smooth delivery of the 2-5mm graphite petroleum coke. At the same time, special personnel are dispatched to do the vehicle deployment and safe driving at the vehicle loading site to ensure the efficiency of the 2-5mm graphite petroleum coke products from the factory. In October 2020 alone, it sold 15,600 tons of 2-5mm graphite petroleum coke and achieved sales revenue of 36.4 million yuan.

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