550mm graphite electrode for arc furnaces manufacturers

Pubdate: 06-22 2021

550mm graphite electrode for arc furnaces manufacturers

The production process of graphite electrode

Raw materials: low-sulfur petroleum coke, coal needle coke as aggregates, coal tar pitch as binder

Petroleum coke: Petroleum coke is a petroleum product obtained by separating light and heavy oil from crude oil through distillation, and then thermally cracking heavy oil.

Needle coke: Needle coke is a high-quality coke with obvious fibrous texture, low thermal expansion coefficient and easy graphitization. The physical anisotropy of needle coke is very obvious. It has good thermal conductivity and low coefficient of thermal expansion parallel to the long axis of the particles. Therefore, needle coke is the key raw material for manufacturing high-power and ultra-high-power graphite electrodes.

According to the raw materials, needle coke can be divided into oil-based needle coke produced with petroleum residue as raw material and coal-based needle coke produced with refined coal tar pitch. Foreign carbon companies often choose oil-based needle coke as the main raw material for large-scale, high-power and ultra-high-power electrodes. At present, my country’s needle coke is mainly coal-based needle coke, and oil-based needle coke depends on Japan’s Mizushima Imported by the company and British HSP company.

Coal pitch: Coal pitch is obtained by refining or reforming the remaining part of coal tar after distillation. Coal tar pitch is used as a binder and impregnant in the production of graphite electrode. Generally, medium temperature pitch or medium temperature modified coal pitch is used.

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