Analysis of nitrogen content of carburizer

Pubdate: 09-09 2022

1. Ordinary calcined petroleum coke is a carburizer. Because it has not been calcined at high temperature, the calcination temperature may be low and the time may be short. The nitrogen content is generally about 1000ppm, and the sulfur content is also high. It is impossible to draw clear marks on white paper.

2. High temperature calcined petroleum coke carburizer, nitrogen content is 300-500ppm, sulfur is much lower than the former. Clear marks can be left on white paper.

3. The nitrogen content of coal carburizing agent varies according to the quality of coal, and is generally 2000-7000ppm, that is, 0.2-0.7%.

4. The best high-temperature calcined petroleum coke carburizer with nitrogen content of 100ppm. Sulfur is lower than the former. It can leave clear marks on white paper and feel comfortable, just like 6B pencil.

5. Graphite column particle carburizer is a kind of carburizer that uses graphite powder and binder to extrude into cylindrical particles. This kind of carburizer is especially well absorbed in the furnace because carbon appears in graphite form. However, the nitrogen content of this carburizer is very high, generally around 2000ppm. The quality of the carburizer is poor, and the nitrogen content is high, which is easy to cause nitrogen porosity defects in castings.

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