Analyze the advantages of pretreatment agent

Pubdate: 08-28 2022

The pretreatment agent is a kind of casting additive added during the melting process of molten iron. It contains a certain amount of deoxidizing elements and composite elements, which can provide more and stable crystal nuclei for the precipitation and growth of graphite through the treatment of molten iron before tapping or during tapping.

● solve the negative impact of high-temperature standing of molten iron in electric furnace, enhance the graphite nucleation ability and increase the graphite core, effectively solve the incubation recession, promote and stabilize the nucleation, alleviate the ablation of graphite core during long-time high-temperature standing of molten iron, effectively compensate the lost graphite core, and thus improve the overall metallurgical quality of molten iron.

● it has strong deoxidizing effect, purifies molten iron, and reduces slag inclusion and pore defects;

● improve the morphology and distribution of graphite, reduce the white tendency and improve the cutting performance of castings.

● increase the fluidity, reduce the sensitivity of casting wall thickness, stabilize the composition of molten iron and compact the structure, and reduce shrinkage porosity defects.

● reduce the undercooled graphite in gray cast iron, promote the generation of A-type graphite, enhance the control of graphite morphology and reduce the tendency of white cast iron, so as to optimize the mechanical properties of the casting.

● for nodular cast iron, it is a powerful deoxidizer. Adding it in the production of nodular cast iron can increase the number of graphite balls, improve the spheroidization rate, make the graphite balls more round and fine, and reduce the amount of spheroidizing agent.

● eliminate the oxidation factors of molten iron, reduce the oxidation of furnace lining, and prolong the service life of furnace lining by 10% – 40%.

● reduce rusted furnace charge and alloy oxide to reduce the cost of molten iron.

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