Annual output of goose egg-shaped electrode paste

Pubdate: 12-15 2021

Goose egg-shaped electrode paste is Rongxin Carbon’s largest shipment of electrode paste products, with an annual shipment of more than 100,000 tons.

The goose egg-shaped electrode paste can be applied to most types of submerged arc furnaces and has the greatest applicability. Our company’s egg-shaped electrode paste products are exported to Yunnan, Guizhou, Mongolia, Shandong, and also exported to South Africa, Indonesia and other countries and regions.

There is no difference in the formula between the egg-shaped electrode paste and the trapezoidal electrode paste, but it will be different in the mold forming stage. Electrode pastes of different shapes are also to meet the different needs of customers.

There are 500 electrode paste production enterprises nationwide. Among so many electrode paste production factories, why does Rongxin Carbon do better in terms of production scale and reputation?

This starts with the product layout of Rongxin Carbon. Since 1992, Rongxin Carbon has been producing forged petroleum coke as its main business. In 2006, the company put into production the electrode paste project. The production of electrode paste requires a lot of heat. Electrode paste companies with an annual output of 200,000 tons will invest at least RMB 8 million a year in heat generation. Rongxin Carbon can release a large amount of heat because of its calcined coke production line, which is transferred to the electrode paste production line through heat transfer oil. The electrode paste production line reduces the investment in heat. Rongxin Carbon electrode paste not only reduces the cost, but also guarantees the quality to a greater extent. In this case, our company’s electrode paste products can maintain a very high cost performance.

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