Application of electrode paste in submerged arc furnace

Pubdate: 12-02 2021

At present, standard electrode paste is usually used in the production of ferro-silica, manganese series and chromium series ferroalloys in submerged arc furnace. With the wide use of large capacity submerged arc furnace and closed electric furnace, the number of large electric furnace is increasing; As well as a large increase in the production of ferroalloy, many silicon manganese furnace, is gradually converted to the use of closed electrode paste. In order to ensure that the self-baking electrode can finish sintering in advance.

There are some silicon manganese alloy manufacturers, especially the electric furnace for ferro-nickel manufacturers, according to the needs of the factory, usually preferred to choose more suitable for their own high standard closed electrode paste. Among them, the main focus is that the high-standard electrode paste is easy to roast, stable performance and quality, and can ensure the quality of the roasting of the electrode, so as to prevent the occurrence of soft short, hard break and turn off of the electrode.

In a nickel alloy factory in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, there were 22 pasting leakage and hard breaking accidents in the 7 months after the furnace was opened, and the electrode was seriously too short for 48 times. The main reason was that the electrode paste was selected improperly and the roasting speed of the electrode paste was too slow. Later, after the factory changed to Rongxing carbon high standard sealed paste, only one hard breaking accident of non-electrode paste quality occurred in 8 months. Users are satisfied with the electrode paste quality of Rongxing Carbon Company.

The core of the long-term stable operation of ferroalloy is whether the electrode column can work normally. People often regard the electrode as the “heart” of the furnace, the central problem is the quality of electrode sintering, to ensure a long time of stable operation, less accidents. In fact, in the production cost of ferroalloy, the cost factor of electrode paste consumption only occupies a very small share. The primary responsibility of the operator and organizer of the production is to ensure the proper operation of the production equipment. Once the furnace meet with electrode accident, the loss will be huge, catastrophic, almost difficult to make up for. Considering this, some bosses lamented, prefer to choose the performance and quality of reliable electrode paste, in order to prevent electrode accident. This is a wise choice.


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