Application of electrode paste in the process of making nickel pig iron

Pubdate: 12-14 2021

Application of High-standard Sealed Paste Electrode Paste in the Process of Smelting Nickel Pig Iron

In China, laterite ore is a better technology choice for producing ferronickel (nickel pig iron) in a closed paste submerged arc furnace. At present, the most suitable process route is considered to be laterite ore-after drying, crushing and agglomeration-closed paste smelting in an electric furnace with coke and solvent-production of crude nickel pig iron-energy reduction of C, SI, S, P, etc. Impurities are refined in a converter to obtain nickel and iron granulation, or liquid iron can be directly smelted into stainless steel. The above-mentioned process of using laterite ore to directly process stainless steel products has been realized by enterprises such as Inner Mongolia Mingtuo Company and Guangxi Beihai De Nickel Industry.

In terms of production process, resource conditions, product quality, etc., the process technology of pyro-electrode paste ferronickel smelting is varied. At present, there are blast furnace method, electric furnace thermal reduction method, rotary furnace direct reduction-submerged arc furnace smelting and other processes; in terms of product composition, there are single nickel pig iron, nickel-iron, nickel-chromium composite alloy, or nickel-chromium and cobalt composite The production methods of various multi-element alloys. This article involves the production technology of smelting nickel pig iron and ferronickel in a closed paste electric furnace, as well as the preparation and use of self-baking electrodes (electrode paste) and other related technical issues.

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