application of graphite electrode

Pubdate: 06-22 2021

Application of graphite electrode

Types of graphite electrode

Electric arc steelmaking furnaces are generally divided into three categories, namely, general-power electric furnaces, high-power electric furnaces and ultra-high-power electric furnaces. Corresponding to the power level of electric furnace steelmaking, graphite electrode is also divided into 3 types accordingly, namely general power graphite electrode (code RP grade), high power graphite electrode (code HP grade) and ultra high power graphite electrode (code UHP grade) ). The nominal diameter of the electrode varies from 75mm. The physical and chemical functions of high-power and ultra-high-power graphite electrodes are better than those of general power graphite electrodes, such as low resistivity, high volume density, high mechanical strength, low linear expansion coefficient, and excellent oxidation resistance. The physical functions of the three types of graphite electrodes are shown in the table.

Selection of graphite electrode for communication arc steelmaking furnace

The electrode diameter of the communication electric arc steelmaking furnace is shown in Table 2. Electric furnaces of different power should use the corresponding graphite electrode. For example, high-power electric furnaces should use high-power electrodes. Different power electric furnaces have different choices of graphite electrode diameter. Generally speaking, the diameter of the general power furnace is 75~electrode; the diameter of high-power electric furnace is larger than the electrode; the diameter of ultra-high-power electric furnace is larger than the electrode.

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