Application of mine thermoelectric furnace in the production of ferronickel

Pubdate: 12-13 2021

Application of submerged electric furnace using high-standard closed paste electrode paste (self-baking electrode) in ferronickel production

Production and capacity development

The main equipment for smelting closed paste nickel pig iron using laterite mines in my country is the electrode paste submerged arc furnace. Next is the blast furnace. In 2012, the output of nickel-containing pig iron physical alloys has reached 5.201 million tons according to private statistics. The output of medium and high nickel pig iron solid alloys with high-standard closed paste nickel pig iron containing more than 4% nickel was 3.95 million tons.

The ferroalloy electrode paste submerged thermal equipment produced in my country is undergoing a large-scale transition from a capacity of 6300kva to a capacity of 25000-66000kva. At present, most of the electrode paste electric furnaces with a capacity of 12500-33000kva are used. The profit situation of the recent production of ferronickel products is extremely uneven; some good companies with favorable times and places may make a profit of several hundred yuan/ton. However, 30-40% of enterprises are reducing and suspending production.

As of the end of 2012, the national electrode paste nickel pig iron production capacity was close to 750,000 tons, and the capacity utilization rate was less than 70%. There are still a number of new production capacities being formed. The production capacity continues to develop blindly, and the nickel pig iron industry will be in trouble due to the blind overcapacity and intensified competition. More companies are in a state of reduction and suspension of production.

Process for smelting ferronickel

The conditions for the production of ferronickel from the nickel oxide ore used in the submerged arc furnace are improving, and the companies that directly use the simple process equipment of dry red clay into the furnace are changing. Pre-reduction of laterite ore and hot loading of red material are becoming popular. The material temperature, the grade of nickel and iron and the reduction depth of the alloy material charged into the closed paste submerged arc furnace can all affect the technical effect of electric furnace smelting. For example, the condition of the electrode paste furnace is good or bad, how much output, and the power consumption is high or low, which will even affect the quality of the sealed paste ferronickel products.

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