artificial graphite electrode

Pubdate: 06-22 2021

Artificial graphite electrode The problems that should be paid attention to in the application of the conical joint connection electrode

The biggest advantage of the conical joint is that the longitudinal section of the hole wall of the electrode connection hole is tapered, the outer wall is thin, the inner wall is thick, the overall strength is large, and it is not easy to burst. The middle of the joint has a large diameter and is not easy to be broken.

The use of artificial graphite electrode should pay attention to the following matters:

(1) When selecting the electrode type and diameter, refer to the capacity of the electric furnace and the capacity of the equipped transformer.

(2) During loading, unloading and transportation, the artificial graphite electrode should be handled with care to protect the thread and avoid collision damage.

(3) The artificial graphite electrode should be kept away from wetting during transportation and storage, otherwise it must be dried before use.

(4) Before connecting, use compressed air to blow off the dust in the thread of the electrode connector hole, and then tighten the connector and the electrode, and the tightening torque must comply with the regulations. In order to ensure that different standard electrodes can reach the required tightening torque when connecting, some electric furnace steel plants have specially produced a tightening wrench. The tightening wrench has a sign indicating the size of the tightening torque to ensure correct operation. The holder should be clamped below or above the bottom of the electrode connector hole.

(5) The electrode lifting device of the electric furnace should be sensitive in response and should not be shaken during operation to prevent the electrode from being broken or the connector from being loosened and tripped.

(6) When charging the furnace, the bulk material should be placed in the lower part to avoid collapsing the electrode when melting.

(7) During the refining period, the electrode cannot be immersed in molten steel to increase carbon, so as to avoid the resulting thinning of the electrode, which may cause the electrode to break or the joint to fall.

(8) In order to avoid loosening and tripping of electrode joints, it is recommended to use joint pins.

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