Basic principle of electrode paste submerged arc furnace

Pubdate: 08-17 2022

(I) principle and purpose

Submerged arc furnace is also called electric arc furnace or resistance electric furnace. It is mainly used for reducing smelting ore, carbonaceous reductant, solvent and other raw materials. It mainly produces ferrosilicon, ferromanganese, ferrochromium, ferrotungsten, silicon manganese alloy and other ferroalloys. It is an important industrial raw material in the metallurgical industry and chemical raw materials such as calcium carbide. Its working characteristics are that carbon or magnesium refractory materials are used as furnace lining and self-cultivation electrodes (electrode paste or sealed paste) are used. The electrode is inserted into the charge for submerged arc operation. It is an industrial electric furnace that uses the energy and current of the arc to pass through the charge and the energy generated by the resistance of the charge to smelt the metal. It is continuously fed and intermittently discharged with iron slag.

Main categories and uses of submerged arc furnace

Industrial waste heat refers to a large amount of waste heat generated in the industrial production lines of steel, petrochemical, building materials and non-ferrous metals. The waste heat power generation technology refers to the technology that uses the high-grade heat of the enterprise to recover and convert it into electricity for the enterprise’s own use. China has always taken the use of waste heat power generation as one of the important measures to save energy and reduce consumption and realize circular development, and has given great support. At present, the application field of waste heat power generation technology in China is constantly expanding, but in the fields of ferroalloy and calcium carbide, the comprehensive recovery and power generation technology of flue gas waste heat and other waste heat is still lacking.

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