blast furnace lining graphite block

Pubdate: 06-24 2021

The production process, method and use of blast furnace lining graphite block

A cathode paste that can be built and constructed at room temperature. The aggregate of this cathode paste is the same as ordinary cathode paste (also called hot ramming), such as ordinary calcined anthracite or electric calcined anthracite, metallurgical coke, and broken graphite. The low softening point of the adhesive is 20℃%; 5℃.

graphite block has a low softening point and high volatile content. The packaging should be double-layered in woven bags and plastic bags. Its shelf life is 6-9 months. The construction temperature of blast furnace lining graphite block is 25~50℃, and it can be applied at ambient temperature in summer: in spring and autumn, the paste can be braised to make up for the impact of low ambient temperature. The simmering temperature is 40~50℃. Furnace building in the north in winter will affect the quality of the masonry and the life of the tank.

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