calcined petroleum coke (cpc)

Pubdate: 06-24 2021

calcined petroleum coke (cpc)

On the west 16 berth in Shijiu Port Area of ​​Rizhao Port, the COSCO SHIPPING Special Carrier “Datai” with a full load of 25,000 tons of calcined petroleum coke (cpc) is undergoing intense ship unloading operations. This is the first voyage of Shandong Port Group Rizhao Port after the COSCO SHIPPING Special Cargo-Shandong Port Group Arctic Route in 2019. The Rizhao Port of Shandong Port Group also ushered in the first voyage through the Arctic Route. This is another important result of the cooperation between Shandong Port Group and COSCO SHIPPING Special Transportation.

The Arctic Waterway is the shortest sea channel connecting the three major economic circles of Northeast Asia, Europe and North America. In recent years, with the continuous changes in global temperature, the strategic value of the Arctic Waterway has become increasingly prominent and its commercial value has become higher and higher. Since its establishment, Shandong Port Group has actively implemented the “Belt and Road” initiative, seized the opportunity of the “Ice Silk Road” construction, actively connected with COSCO SHIPPING Special Transport, in-depth development of the Arctic Northeast Channel, and successfully promoted COSCO SHIPPING Special Transport—Shandong Province The opening of the port group’s Arctic route.

According to reports, the seaworthiness of the Arctic route is about 3 months per year. The “Datai” voyage is the fifth eastbound voyage of COSCO SHIPPING’s Arctic route this year, and it is also the last Arctic voyage of the year, on September 17th. Departing from Ustruga Port in Russia, it took 33 days to cross the Arctic and arrived at Rizhao Port. The smooth berthing of the Great Thai Ferry also marked the perfect ending of the Arctic route of COSCO SHIPPING Special Transport in 2019.

The Arctic route carried calcined petroleum coke for the first time, shortening the transportation of petroleum coke to Russia by 10 days

This time, the calcined petroleum coke (cpc) carried by the “Datai” ship is the first time the Arctic route has carried this cargo, which is of great significance for enriching the source of the Arctic route. Calcined petroleum coke (cpc) is an important supporting cargo type of Shandong Port Group Rizhao Port. Since 2017, the throughput of Rizhao Port’s calcined petroleum coke (cpc) has been ranked first in the country for two consecutive years, and it is expected to become a domestic product in 2019. The first calcined coke transshipment port with a throughput exceeding 2 million tons.

Rizhao Port’s calcined petroleum coke (cpc) business is mainly in the direction of the United States, Russia, and Canada. The opening of the Arctic route provides a faster transportation channel for the customers of calcined petroleum coke (cpc) flowing to Russia. Compared with the traditional Suez Canal route, each voyage can be shortened by about 10 days, which will further increase Russia’s imports of calcined petroleum coke (cpc). )’S market share, consolidating Rizhao Port’s position as the No. 1 transit port for calcined petroleum coke (cpc), and promoting trade exchanges between the two countries have a huge boost.

In the next step, Rizhao Port will actively integrate into the construction of the “Belt and Road” and the “Ice Silk Road”, promote port transformation and upgrading, broaden service development platforms, and promote the construction of a “two-way mutual aid between east and west, land, sea, and overseas” in order to build a world-class marine port. The open pattern of “linkage” forms a new highland for opening up in our province and contributes greater strength.

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