calcined petroleum coke for electrodes

Pubdate: 06-24 2021

Maoming Petrochemical worked closely with the Refining and Marketing Company and successfully sold 428.22 tons of No. 1 calcined petroleum coke for electrodes for the first time, becoming the first company in Sinopec to produce and sell this product.

Since the beginning of this year, Maoming Petrochemical has insisted on the differentiation and diversification of the refining product market. In order to cooperate with the trial production of low-sulfur coke, it has specially purchased low-sulfur crude oil with better cost-effectiveness and established a Gongguan team. Carefully organize crude oil receiving and unloading, storage and transportation, processing, stacking and sales to ensure special tanks, pipeline cleaning and coke yard emptying, and a thorough processing plan has been formulated. The sales department and the refining and marketing company will visit the graphite electrode production plant in the north. Survey of manufacturers.

This batch of No. 1 calcined petroleum coke has the characteristics of low sulfur content, low ash content, moderate volatile content, and low heavy metal content. It is mainly suitable for use in the carbon industry that produces high-end graphite electrodes.

The success of Maoming Petrochemical’s first sale of No. 1 calcined petroleum coke for electrodes has not only filled the gap, but also broadened the sales channels and promoted the diversification of products. And it has improved the company’s production and operation level and overall efficiency. In order to further utilize Maoming’s location advantages, it has opened up space for domestic and foreign high-end carbon materials market business.

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