calcined petroleum coke for iron foundry

Pubdate: 06-24 2021

calcined petroleum coke for iron foundry

The Yangzi Petrochemical storage and transportation plant’s calcined petroleum coke for iron foundry is currently undergoing airtight dust-proof construction and transformation. Faced with the problem of increasing types of calcined petroleum coke and reducing coke pools, the operation area pooled resources to overcome the difficulties and came up with a “golden idea”. Ingeniously solved the problem of stacking five calcined petroleum coke for iron foundry varieties in one coke pool without “mixing coke”, and relieved the company’s oil refinery from high-load production worries.

The solid product operation area of ​​the storage and transportation plant. The calculated petroleum coke for iron foundry yard is the receiving, unloading and transshipment place for the calcined petroleum coke for iron foundry produced by the refinery of Yangzi Company. In order to meet the company’s green development needs, the calculated petroleum coke for iron foundry The open-air storage yard is undergoing airtight and dust-proof renovation intensively. During the transformation period, the company was carrying out the activity of “90 days of work, full capacity, and presenting gifts to the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China”. Not only could the production of the refinery not stop, but also the production at full capacity, calcined petroleum coke for iron foundry The variety has also increased from two to five. To make matters worse, one of the two original coke ponds was occupied by the project land. Five types of calcined petroleum coke for iron foundry can only be accumulated in one coke pond, which is prone to skew mixing, which also affects the quality and quantity of goods. The efficiency of receiving and dispatching.

“There are five’jiao babies’ living in one room. If they are not organized properly, they are really going to be overwhelmed.” The newly appointed Director Wu Tiansheng understood this situation and immediately led the technicians to the focus field to find out the five types of calcined in detail. Petroleum coke for iron foundry’s usual workload, repeatedly measuring the coke pool, calculating how big a “house” each type of “jiao baby” should live in, applying 5S management experience to coke pool allocation, and dividing a large coke pool into Five “lattice rooms” are used to live in large rooms for “fat Jiao Babies” who have a lot of work and small rooms for “Thin Jiao Babies”. Each room is clearly marked with a sign so that they can live in a house and live in peace and harmony. .

After the plan was determined, we immediately proceeded to reform the focusing pool, and scribe the partitions to be hard-isolated. Make two signs for each “grid room”, and fix them one after the other on the cofferdam of the focusing pool so that they can be seen clearly from far and near. You’re done in two days.

One house is divided into five rooms, each of the five “babies”. A small trick solves the problem of storing five types of calcined petroleum coke for iron foundry in a single storage yard during the construction transformation, which not only facilitates the identification of coke species by quality inspectors, users and operators, but also improves the utilization rate of the site and the efficiency of coke in and out operations. effectiveness.

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