Can the electrode paste be made with coal tar?

Pubdate: 12-18 2021

So, is there really an electrode paste without coal tar? have! Our factory has processed 2000 tons of electrode paste without coal tar for a group of well-known companies in the industry. Coal tar is used as a binder in the manufacture of electrode paste. Although coal tar is missing, there is pitch. Of course, this is only based on the special requirements of customers. Generally speaking, the electrode paste requires coal tar. The combination of coal tar + pitch binder can make the electrode paste melt perfectly and then sintered in the submerged arc furnace. If the coal tar is missing It will affect the softening process of the electrode paste.

The goose egg-shaped electrode paste, trapezoidal electrode paste, and cylindrical electrode paste produced by our factory are all formulated with coal tar. If it is nickel-iron high-standard airtight paste, the requirements for the formula are more stringent.

Therefore, the standard electrode paste needs to be added with coal tar. There are also electrode pastes that do not add coal tar, which should be used according to the customer’s furnace type. If coal tar is not used just to control costs, the produced electrode paste will be almost the same as counterfeit and inferior products.

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