carbon electrode

Pubdate: 06-24 2021

carbon electrode

Electrode paste products received government support and exported abroad

Recently, the municipal government, customs, and entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau jointly convened the municipal e-commerce industry development promotion meeting. The meeting focused on the implementation of the general secretary’s instructions for the goal of “buy the world, sell the world” and the provincial government’s strategic concept of building an international business capital, mobilizing the city to further unify ideas, seize opportunities, scientifically plan, and innovate To develop, promote the healthy and rapid development of the e-commerce industry with cross-border trade e-commerce as the *, and strive to build the e-commerce industry into an important supporting industry in metropolitan areas, a strategic fulcrum for international business capital, and a powerful engine for transformation and development. At the meeting, representatives of four enterprises including Provincial Public Bonded Imported Materials*, Jumei, World Factory Net, and South China City Group made typical speeches. Ma Yi pointed out that the development of e-commerce has far-reaching significance, the task is arduous, and the responsibility is heavy. Our city has multiple advantages in developing e-commerce and faces strategic opportunities. The whole city must affirm the achievements, recognize the situation, further enhance the sense of urgency and mission to accelerate the development of e-commerce, adhere to the overall advancement, make breakthroughs, and improve the level of e-commerce development in the city. In accordance with the requirements of “one outstanding, three-many, three simultaneous”, *do a good job in six aspects: one is to focus on the development of cross-border trade e-commerce, the second is to build a multimodal logistics service system, and the third is to build electronics For business platforms and carriers, the fourth is to focus on deepening the application of e-commerce in industrial enterprises, the fifth is to focus on upgrading the business models of traditional commerce and trade enterprises, and the sixth is to focus on improving the e-commerce support and security system.

It is emphasized that in the development process of the e-commerce industry, the main task of the government is to “innovate the system, create an environment, and support*”. The innovation system is to focus on investment facilitation, financial facilitation, trade facilitation, and supervision facilitation, adhere to problem-oriented, market-oriented, demand-oriented, and constantly innovate management and service systems; creating an environment is to optimize the soft and hard environment around the development of the e-commerce industry , To form a complete infrastructure, a livable ecological environment, a talent-supporting environment, low operating costs, and a safe government environment to promote the accumulation of talents and innovative development of the e-commerce industry; support * is to sort out the key links in accordance with the e-commerce industry ecological chain. In-depth analysis and research to further clarify the direction and work measures supported by the government, and drive the leapfrog development of the entire industry with breakthroughs in key links. With the support of the government, the electrode paste industry must seize this opportunity, keep up with the pace of the times, and let the products go abroad and to the world!

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