carbon graphite

Pubdate: 07-06 2021

Carbon graphite manufacturers explain to you the raw materials for making carbon graphite

A paste formed by bonding solid carbon materials together with an adhesive and softening at about 60°C. The raw materials for making carbon graphite are solid carbon materials and binders. Solid carbon materials include anthracite, coke (metallurgical coke, petroleum coke, and pitch coke), and graphite electrode chips (graphite crushed). Anthracite is the main raw material of carbon graphite, which can improve the quality of carbon graphite. The use of coke is to improve the electrical and thermal conductivity of the electrode. Binders are pitch and tar (or anthracene oil). Adding tar or anthracene oil to the asphalt of the binder is mainly to adjust its softening point. Carbon graphite decomposes and discharges volatile matter during the sintering process, and the residue turns into

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