carbon paste electrodes

Pubdate: 06-30 2021

carbon paste electrodes

Features of carbon paste electrodes molding machine
The electrode paste is inseparable from the molding machine. The following editor will introduce the characteristics of the molding machine.

1. The electrode paste products produced by the electrode paste molding machine have high strength, low porosity, high temperature resistance, low thermal expansion coefficient, adjustable speed, and operation. Convenience and other advantages.

2. Electrode paste forming machine is an automated production line. It enters the mold after metering, rolls forming, and then automatically opens the mold after cooling with water spray, and then falls into the conveyor or finished car. It automatically returns to the original state and then enters the next cycle.

3. The electrode paste forming machine can also be designed and manufactured according to the user’s site conditions and the specifications of the finished product. The length and output are determined by the user.

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