carbon purity in graphite electrode

Pubdate: 06-17 2021

carbon purity in graphite electrode

CGM carbon will show you what are the processing characteristics of graphite electrode?

What are the processing characteristics of graphite electrode?

The processing of graphite electrode has the following 5 characteristics:

1. Graphite electrode is different from metal materials and wood. It is a non-homogeneous brittle material with low hardness and is relatively easy to cut. It can be processed into products with higher precision and different shapes. However, due to product density and The difference in the degree of graphitization, the hardness of the graphite electrode fluctuates in a considerable range. The surface finish of the processed product is affected to a certain extent by the particle size composition of the product ingredients. The surface finish of the processed product with fine particle structure is much better than that of coarse particle structure.

2. Processing graphite electrode Whether it is turning or milling, the tool does not simply peel off the surface of the product, but the tool impacts, crushes and peels off the structure of the product surface, so graphite of different sizes is produced during cutting Particle chips, and will not produce band-shaped chips when cutting metal materials.

3. When cutting the graphite electrode, a certain amount of cutting heat is also generated, but there is no need to use coolant or protective lubricating fluid on the machined surface. When cutting graphite electrode, a certain shock and vibration will be generated. Therefore, high-speed steel or cemented carbide tools with good resistance to shock and vibration are generally used.

4. A large amount of dust is generated during the cutting process, which not only pollutes the environment and affects the health of the operator, but also some impurities such as silicon carbide in the graphite dust will cause certain wear on the machine tool parts, so the machine tool for cutting graphite electrode must be installed with high efficiency The dust collection equipment.
5. Although graphite electrode is a brittle material with low hardness, the cutting edge wear is more serious than cutting cast iron when cutting at low speed. For example, a carbide tip is used. When the cutting speed is high, the cutting edge of graphite electrode is continuous. The use time is generally only about, and the knife needs to be re-grinded, and it can be more than when cutting cast iron. For cast iron, the lower the cutting speed, the more conducive to extending the continuous use time of the cutting edge, while cutting graphite electrode is the opposite, and high-speed cutting is better. Multi-tool multi-edge turning and milling technology is often used to process graphite electrode.

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