carborundum paste

Pubdate: 06-30 2021

carborundum paste

Unique introduction of carborundum paste

In-depth analysis of the development environment of the carborundum paste industry, import and export status, industry trends, competition patterns, development of major enterprises in the industry, and future development trends of the industry, etc., show the status of the carborundum paste industry, and reveal the potential market demand and potential of carborundum paste opportunity.

Carborundum paste is also called self-baking electrode. It depends on the heat in the submerged arc furnace to complete the roasting. Therefore, matching the consumption speed of the electrode and the roasting speed is the key to the use of carborundum paste. Due to the development of submerged arc furnace technology, it is gradually becoming larger With the development in the direction of airtightness and airtightness, the more conductive heat and the reduction of radiant heat obtained by the open furnace type during the baking process of the electrode are only conductive heat. Therefore, the heat obtained by the electrode from the furnace is greatly reduced, which requires Improve the sintering performance of carborundum paste to make up for this deficiency.

It can withstand high temperatures and has a small coefficient of thermal expansion. It has a relatively small resistivity, which can reduce the loss of electrical energy. With a small porosity, the electrode in the heated state can be oxidized slowly. The higher mechanical strength prevents the electrode from breaking due to the influence of mechanical and electrical loads.

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