Carburizing agent directly affects the effect of carburizing

Pubdate: 08-25 2022

What is the carburizing agent: it is a product of black or gray particles or lumps of coke with high carbon content, which is added to the metal smelting furnace to improve the carbon content in the molten iron. On the one hand, it can reduce the oxygen content in the molten iron, and on the other hand, it is more important to improve the mechanical properties of the smelting metal or castings. Poor quality of carburizing agent will bring great losses to the enterprise, with slow absorption, low absorption rate and increased cost; Cause unnecessary waste, and other harmful elements will affect product quality and cause losses. According to the raw materials and production process of the carburizing agent, the price also varies greatly.

How to choose raw materials to produce professional carburizing agents? The content of fixed carbon, sulfur, nitrogen and ash in the general carburizing agent will directly affect the quality of the carburizing agent and the use effect of the carburizing agent.

We generally hope that the fixed carbon content of the carburizing agent is higher and the ash content is lower. High ash content will not only increase the operation time and labor cost, but also reduce the carburizing efficiency; It is hoped that the content of sulfur and nitrogen in the carburizing agent will be lower, because nitrogen porosity will be generated when the nitrogen content is too high. Nitrogen porosity is one of the common defects in the casting production process, and sulfur is usually a harmful element, reducing the ductility and toughness of steel. Therefore, the nitrogen content in the used carburizing agent is generally required to be less than 0.02% and the sulfur content is less than 0.055%.

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