Causes of electrode paste accidents in submerged arc furnaces

Pubdate: 01-18 2022

Electrode accidents are common accidents in ferroalloys and calcium carbide enterprises smelted by submerged arc furnaces. The cause of electrode accidents is analyzed and judged accurately, and targeted preventive measures can be taken to reduce the occurrence of electrode accidents. However, due to the analysis of electrode accidents, it is supplied by electrode paste. The manufacturer and the electrode paste use the interference of multiple factors. To accurately determine the cause of the electrode accident requires objective evidence recognized by both parties, and the electrode section is a good objective evidence, so the analysis of the electrode section is of great significance. .

1. Electrode paste segregates, resulting in layering of aggregate and powder

1. Section status: There is obvious particle layer segregation on the section of the electrode. According to the size and cross-section of the radiant heat source for electrode baking, there are two situations, one is the accumulation of particles along the outer ring of the electrode, and the other is the accumulation of particles in the middle of the electrode.

2. Other phenomena: The flow coefficient of the electrode paste is greater than 2.0, and the elongation rate is greater than 40.

3. Analysis of the reason: the popularity of electrode paste has caused particle segregation, the local strength of some electrodes with more aggregates is low, and they are easily broken by external forces, and the parts with more powders are easily broken by the internal stress of the electrode itself. The two different accumulations of aggregates are caused by different sintering methods.

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