china calcined carburant

Pubdate: 06-30 2021

china calcined carburant

What are the uses of china calcined carburant?

(1) china calcined carburant used in electric arc steelmaking furnace is mainly used for electric furnace steelmaking. Electric furnace steelmaking uses a china calcined carburant to introduce current into the furnace. The powerful current generates arc discharge through gas at the lower end of the electrode, and uses the heat generated by the arc to smelt. According to the capacity of the electric furnace, different diameters of china calcined carburant are equipped. In order to make the electrodes continue to be used, the electrodes are connected by the electrode screw joints. China calcined carburant for steelmaking accounts for about 70-80% of the total amount of china calcined carburant.

(2) For submerged electric furnace china calcined carburant Submerged electric furnace is mainly used to produce ferroalloy, pure silicon, yellow phosphorus, matte and calcium carbide, etc. Its characteristic is that the lower part of the conductive electrode is buried in the charge, so the static elimination plate and charge In addition to the heat generated by the arc between the charge, heat is also generated by the resistance of the charge when the current passes through the charge. Each ton of silicon needs to consume about China calcined carburant, and each ton of yellow phosphorus needs to consume about 40kg of china calcined carburant.

(3) Graphitization furnaces used in resistance furnaces for producing graphite products, melting furnaces for melting glass, and electric furnaces for producing silicon carbide are all resistance furnaces. The materials in the furnace are both heating resistors and heated objects. Usually, the conductive china calcined carburant is inserted into the furnace head wall at the end of the hearth, so the conductive electrode is not consumed continuously.

In addition, a large number of china calcined carburant blanks are also used to process various crucibles, graphite boats, hot die casting molds and vacuum electric furnace heating elements and other special-shaped products. For example, in the quartz glass industry, 10 tons of china calcined carburant blanks are required for every production of lt electric fusion tubes, and electrode blanks are consumed for every production of lt quartz bricks.

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