china graphite electrode manufacturer

Pubdate: 07-01 2021

china graphite electrode manufacturer

china graphite electrode manufacturer talks about the establishment of an expert database in our province to help the development of the graphite industry.

Graphite is a 100-billion-level industry cultivated in our province. In accordance with the actual needs of our province’s development, the Provincial Graphite Industry Development Leading Group plans to establish a database of experts on the development of the graphite industry in Heilongjiang Province to provide a technical system for the production, scientific research, and project construction of the graphite industry in the province. Provide consulting services, and now recruit experts from universities, research institutes and social organizations.

The province’s graphite industry development expert database is mainly for institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutes, graphite industry production companies, government agencies, social organizations and related units in the field of graphite mining and safety, graphite material preparation, and graphite material research and development machine application fields , In the field of graphite processing pollution prevention and control, graphite industry publicity and financial services, professionals with strong professional knowledge and rich practical experience are recruited.

Incoming experts must have senior professional technical titles and have been engaged in related work for more than 5 years; have rich practical experience, have obtained scientific research results at or above the provincial level or have obtained national technology patents; in principle, the age of recruiting experts should not exceed 60 years old, and the age of academicians is not limited. The deadline for registration is December 30.

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