china graphite electrode plant

Pubdate: 07-01 2021

china graphite electrode plant

china graphite electrode plant talks about the correct installation method of graphite crucible

About the correct installation method of graphite crucible

Graphite crucible is a container that uses graphite as raw material, so it has very good high temperature resistance and can be used in industrial metal smelting or casting. Take an example in life, you can understand that it is often in the countryside. There are merchants who repair aluminum pots or aluminum basins. The tool they use is a crucible. Place the aluminum sheet in the crucible and heat it with fire until the aluminum sheet melts into aluminum water, and then pour it to the crack of the pot and cool it. After that, it can be used.

It’s just that graphite crucibles and silicon carbide crucibles are used in industry. Graphite crucibles have better thermal conductivity, but they are easily oxidized and have a large damage rate. Silicon carbide graphite crucibles are larger in size and longer in service life than graphite crucibles. Outer Ring Refractory Equipment Factory has specialized in the sales and manufacturing of crucibles for 40 years. The graphite crucibles produced by Outer Ring Refractory Equipment Factory can be widely used for smelting gold, silver, copper, iron, aluminum, zinc and tin, energy-saving isostatic pressing crucibles, and energy-saving isostatics. The price of pressure crucible can be adapted to coke, oil furnace, natural gas, electric furnace and other smelting heating methods. Outer Ring Refractory Equipment Factory has been specialized in selling and manufacturing crucibles for more than 30 years, energy-saving isostatic pressure crucibles, energy-saving isostatic pressure crucible prices, The graphite crucible produced is widely praised by new and old customers due to its good quality and stable performance. It also introduces international advanced crucible molding technology-isostatic crucible molding method, and strict quality assurance testing system, energy-saving type due to market and customer needs. Isostatic crucible, energy-saving isostatic crucible price, silicon carbide crucible manufactured by this technology: high bulk density, high temperature resistance, fast heat conduction, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, high temperature strength, high oxidation resistance, etc. characteristics, use The life span is 3-5 times longer than that of graphite crucible. At the same time, it saves fuel and reduces the labor intensity of workers. The price of energy-saving isostatic pressing crucible and energy-saving isostatic pressing crucible is widely applicable to the smelting of non-ferrous metals.

Graphite crucibles can be used in various furnaces, electric furnaces, intermediate frequency furnaces, gas furnaces, kilns and a series of furnaces, used for smelting gold, silver, copper, iron, aluminum, zinc, tin and alloys. Due to the different sizes and specifications of graphite crucibles, for the installation in various furnaces, the Outer Ring Refractory Equipment Factory summarizes experience for everyone to use.

1. The base of the graphite crucible needs to be the same or larger in diameter than the bottom of the crucible, and the height of the crucible must be higher than the fire port to prevent fire from spraying to the crucible.

2. The refractory bricks should be round refractory bricks, flat and not curved. Do not use half or uneven bricks. It is best to use imported graphite crucibles.

3. The crucible table should be placed at the center of melting and melting, with coke powder, straw ash or refractory cotton as a pad to prevent the crucible from sticking to the crucible table. After the crucible is placed, it must be placed in the center of the melting, and Level.

4. The size between the crucible and the furnace body should be matched, and the distance between the crucible and the melting wall should be appropriate, at least 40mm or more.

5. When the crucible with mouth is installed in the furnace, a gap of about 30-50mm should be reserved for the contact gap between the mouth of the crucible and the refractory bricks, and nothing can be placed underneath, and the mouth and the furnace wall should be smoothed with refractory cotton. The furnace wall needs to have fixed refractory bricks and the crucible needs to be lined with corrugated cardboard with a thickness of about 3mm as the thermal expansion space after heating. If you are interested, please go to the official website for consultation.

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