china graphite electrode uhp

Pubdate: 07-01 2021

china graphite electrode uhp

Production characteristics of china graphite electrode uhp

[What is china graphite electrode uhp]

China graphite electrode uhp is based on petroleum coke, pitch coke as aggregate, and coal pitch as binder. In the china graphite electrode uhp factory, it undergoes raw material calcination, crushing and grinding, batching, slushing, molding, roasting, impregnation, graphitization and machinery. A high-temperature resistant graphite conductive material made by processing is called artificial china graphite electrode uhp (abbreviated as china graphite electrode uhp), which is different from the natural china graphite electrode uhp made from natural graphite. China graphite electrode uhp is mainly used as a conductive electrode material for electric arc steelmaking furnaces. It is understood that in 2016, my country’s China graphite electrode uhp production capacity was about 954,100 tons, with a total output of 504,100 tons, and the capacity utilization rate was only 52.8% in 2017. , my country’s total production capacity reached 1.22 million tons.

[What are the production characteristics of china graphite electrode uhp?]

(1) The production cycle of china graphite electrode uhp is long. The production cycle of ordinary power china graphite electrode uhp is about 45 days, and the production cycle of ultra-high power china graphite electrode uhp is more than 70 days. The production cycle of the china graphite electrode uhp joint that requires multiple dipping is longer.

(2) Energy consumption is higher. The production of 1t ordinary power china graphite electrode uhp requires electricity; about h, thousands of cubic meters of gas or natural gas, metallurgical coke particles And metallurgical coke powder is about 1t.

(3) There are many processes for producing china graphite electrode uhp. The production of china graphite electrode uhp includes raw material calcination, crushing and grinding, batching kneading, molding, roasting, dipping, graphitization and mechanical processing, etc. Many special mechanical equipment and special structure kilns are required, and the construction investment is relatively large, and the investment recovery period is relatively long.

(4) A certain amount of dust and harmful gases are generated during the production of china graphite electrode uhp, and perfect ventilation and dust reduction are required. Environmental protection measures to eliminate harmful gases.

(5) The carbon raw materials required for the production of china graphite electrode uhp, such as petroleum coke and coal pitch, are by-products produced and processed by oil refining companies and coal chemical companies. The quality and stability of the raw materials are difficult to be fully guaranteed , Especially the high-power and ultra-high-power china graphite electrode uhp production of needle coke, modified electrode pitch, and low quinoline insoluble content special leaching agent pitch, which urgently needs the attention and active allocation of China’s petroleum and coal chemical processing enterprises.

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