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Pubdate: 07-01 2021

china graphite rod talk about the use of more than 50 common non-metallic mines

There are many types of non-metallic minerals, of all kinds, some friends may not know their respective main uses, the editor found an introduction to the use of non-metallic minerals, and shared with you:
1. Quartz
High-purity quartz for quartz glass, high-purity quartz for electrical industry, quartz sand for filtration, fracturing sand for petroleum industry, silica for ferroalloy, glass sand, molding sand, etc.
2. Feldspar
Glass, ceramics, welding rod, technical glass, feldspar for glaze, feldspar for high-brightness filler, etc.
Three, brucite
Flame retardants, cementing materials, chemical materials, fertilizers, refractory materials, thermal insulation materials, etc.
Four, kaolin
Kaolin for papermaking, kaolin for catalyst, kaolin for enamel, calcined kaolin, kaolin for filler, kaolin for ceramics, kaolin for paint, etc.
Five, bentonite
Montmorillonite, organic bentonite, pillared clay, bentonite for ceramics, bentonite for metallurgical pellets, bentonite for foundry, bentonite for mud, gel bentonite, thickened bentonite for paint, high-purity bentonite for nanomaterials.
Six, wollastonite
High whiteness wollastonite, wollastonite for ceramics, acicular wollastonite for reinforcement, wollastonite for metallurgy, fillers, etc.
7. Calcite (heavy calcium)
Paper grade heavy calcium, food grade heavy calcium, filler grade heavy calcium, feed grade heavy calcium, etc.
Eight, barite
Packing grade barite, chemical grade barite, drilling grade barite, anti-radiation grade barite, acid and alkali resistant grade barite.
Nine, illite
Ceramic grade illite, paper grade illite, cosmetic grade illite, etc.
10. Zeolite
Building materials grade zeolite, feed grade zeolite, environmental protection grade zeolite, detergent grade zeolite, catalytic grade zeolite, etc.
11. Sepiolite
Mud grade sepiolite, adsorbent grade sepiolite, insulation grade sepiolite, feed grade sepiolite, paint grade sepiolite, nano material, etc.
12. Palygorskite (attapulgite)
Mud grade palygorskite, adsorbent grade palygorskite, feed grade palygorskite, paint grade palygorskite, thermal insulation grade palygorskite, nano-grade palygorskite, etc.
13. Sericite
Reinforced sericite, anti-ultraviolet sericite, ceramic-grade sericite, cosmetic-grade sericite, tire-grade sericite, etc.
14. Mica
Electrical grade mica, paint grade mica, pearlescent mica, welding rod grade mica, reinforced mica, special purpose mica, etc.
15. Plaster
Used as cementing material, high-strength gypsum, cement raw material, mold making, paper industry, food industry, fertilizer, filler, etc.
16. Perlite, turpentine, obsidian
Thermal insulation materials, light building materials, filter aids, fillers, agriculture, glass ceramic materials, abrasives, etc.
17. Vermiculite
Lightweight fire-resistant building materials, thermal insulation materials, sound-absorbing and sound-insulating materials, heat-insulating refractory materials, fire-resistant coatings, gardening materials, casting slag removal materials, environmental protection materials.
18. Pyrophyllite
Refractory materials, ceramic raw materials, glass fiber raw materials, white cement, fillers, pesticide carriers, synthetic diamond pressure transmission media, etc.
19. Peridot
Refractory materials, foundry sand, sandblasting materials, fertilizers, gems, etc.
20. Zircon
Refractory materials, foundry sand, technical glass, ceramic opacifiers, nuclear industry raw materials, anti-corrosion industry, coating industry, etc.
21. Garnet
Abrasive materials, mud weighting agents, fillers, water filter media, airport runways, and non-slip pavements of expressways.
Twenty-two, diatomaceous earth
Filter materials, matting agents, industrial fillers, catalyst carriers, enhancers, thermal insulation materials, cement active materials, flexible abrasives, animal feed, pesticide and fertilizer carriers, anti-caking agents, and slurry ingredients.
Twenty-three, rectorite
Mud materials, catalyst carriers, paint suspension agents, ceramic binders, nano materials, pharmaceutical carriers, etc.
Twenty-four, talc
Paper fillers, rubber and plastic fillers, ceramic raw materials, refractory materials, paint pigments, medicine, cosmetics, food additives.
Twenty-five, corundum
Abrasives, refractory materials, highway anti-slip materials, gems, etc.
26. Graphite
Refractory materials, electronic and electrical materials, wear-resistant lubricating materials, sealing materials, corrosion-resistant materials, anti-radiation materials, low-temperature thermal conductivity materials, high-temperature insulation materials, antistatic materials, pigments, etc.
27. Chrysotile
Asbestos textiles, friction materials, sealing materials, thermal insulation materials, filter materials, reinforcing materials, corrosion-resistant materials, etc.
Twenty-eight, lapis lazuli
CRT glass bulb, steelmaking desulfurization and dephosphorization agent, refractory metal reducing agent, alloy deleading agent, pyrotechnic signal coloring agent, capacitor, welding rod, grease, soap, ceramic glaze ingredients, sugar and pharmaceutical industry additives, industrial fillers , Soda production and so on.
Twenty-nine, serpentine
Fertilizer ingredients, smelting flux, refractory materials, building materials, fillers, arts and crafts materials, anti-nuclear radiation materials, heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials, etc.
30. Limestone
Building materials, cement raw materials, calcium silicate materials, calcium carbide raw materials, steelmaking fluxes, alkali-making raw materials, fillers, light calcium raw materials, environmental protection materials, etc.
Thirty-one, alunite
Production of aluminum sulfate, extraction of alum, food additives, paper industry, leather industry, production of potash fertilizer, water purification materials, petroleum decolorization and deodorization, etc.
Thirty-two, boronite
Boron raw materials, heat-resistant glass raw materials, glass fiber raw materials, pharmaceutical industry, boron carbide raw materials, enamel glaze, fireproof materials, chemical raw materials, etc.
Thirty-three, fluorite
Flux, slag discharge agent, enamel brightener, fluorine chemical raw material, cement clinker mineralizer, glass industry flux, emulsifier, etc. in metallurgical industry
34. Diopside
Low-temperature fast-fired ceramic raw materials, metallurgical mold powder, iron and steel, non-ferrous metal casting sand, fillers, etc.
Thirty-five, tremolite
Low-temperature fast-fired ceramic raw materials, metallurgical mold slag, iron and steel, non-ferrous metal casting sand, reinforced fillers, etc.
36. Bauxite
Aluminum smelting raw materials, abrasive raw materials, cement raw materials, refractory materials, aluminum chemical raw materials, etc.
37. Magnesite
Refractory materials, building materials adhesive materials, sound insulation materials, chemical raw materials, fertilizers, feedstuffs, purification materials, refined metal magnesium, etc.
38. Dolomite
Metallurgical fluxes, refractory materials, building materials adhesive materials, sound insulation materials, chemical raw materials, fertilizers, feeds, purification materials, extraction of metal magnesium, etc.
Thirty-nine, blue spar, andalusite, sillimanite
Refractory materials, chemical resistant materials, silicon-aluminum alloy raw materials, casting coatings, cement with high refractoriness, ceramic raw materials, etc.
Forty, laponite, zinc saponite
Colloid materials, high temperature lubricating materials, adsorption materials, antibacterial materials, etc.
Forty-one. Leucite
Special ceramic raw materials, fertilizers, environmental materials.
42. Chromite, chromium spinel
Refractory materials, metallurgical auxiliary materials, foundry sand, chromium chemical raw materials, etc.
Forty-three, diamond
Gemstones, diamond tools, diamond wire drawing dies, diamond drill bits, diamond saw blades, diamond laser materials, diamond electronic components, diamond polishing materials, etc.
44. Ice Island Stone
Handicrafts, optical components.
Forty-five, Glauber’s salt
Paper industry, detergent industry, glass industry, dye industry, food industry, other chemical industries, etc.
46. ​​Apatite
Phosphate fertilizer raw materials, phosphorus chemical raw materials, detergents, pesticides, feeds, environmental protection materials, dyes, etc.
47. Rutile, Ilmenite
Titanium dioxide pigments, metallic titanium, electrode coatings, stainless steel, titanium chemical raw materials, gems, optical components, etc.
Forty-eight, spodumene, lepidolite, spodumene
Glass ceramic raw materials, enamel raw materials, battery raw materials, electrode coatings, lithium chemicals, refrigerants, adsorbents, etc.
Forty-nine, sound rock, white grain rock
Glass ceramic raw materials, etc.
50. Brick clay, shale
Brick making
Fifty-one. Porcelain clay
Ceramic raw materials.
Fifty-two, pumice
Building lightweight aggregates, thermal insulation materials, cement active mixtures, abrasives, filter materials, asphalt modified materials, compound fertilizers and pesticide carriers, etc.
Fifty-three, sea green stone
Fertilizers and soil conditioners, water treatment agents, pigments, environmental protection materials, etc.
Fifty-four, tourmaline
Water purifiers, negative oxygen ion generators (5000~yuan/ton), far-infrared health care materials (5000~yuan/ton), environmental protection materials, etc.
Fifty-five, agate
Crafts, abrasive materials, etc.

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