cina carbon graphite group

Pubdate: 07-06 2021

Factors affecting the linear expansion coefficient of cina carbon graphite group

1. The lower the linear expansion coefficient of the raw material, the smaller the linear expansion coefficient of the cina carbon graphite group produced under the same process conditions. For example, the high-quality cina carbon graphite group produced using needle coke as the raw material has a higher linear expansion coefficient than The ordinary power cina carbon graphite group using ordinary petroleum coke as raw material is much more.

cina carbon graphite group

2. The linear expansion coefficient of the finished cina carbon graphite group is related to the particle size composition of the formula. During the batching, the particle size range of coke particles decreases greatly, and the linear expansion coefficient parallel to the extrusion direction shows a decreasing trend, but the linear expansion coefficient perpendicular to the extrusion direction shows an increasing trend. Examples of experimental data are shown in Table 3-13.

3. It is related to whether the electrode has been impregnated or not. After the semi-finished product of electrode roasting is impregnated, the linear expansion coefficient of the re-graphitized finished electrode shows an increasing trend. For example of experimental data, see Table 3-14.

4. The higher the degree of rock desertification, the smaller the linear expansion coefficient of the cina carbon graphite group. This is because the higher the degree of graphitization, the easier it is to slip or delamination between the graphite crystal layers. Therefore, the cina carbon graphite group The coefficient of linear expansion is related to the graphitization temperature. Needle coke is graphitized at a temperature lower than 3000°C. For every 100°C decrease, the coefficient of linear expansion increases (0.03-0.04)*10^(-6). This difference is All kinds of needle coke are not exactly the same.

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