coal electrode pitch

Pubdate: 07-06 2021

The geometry of the coal electrode pitch

During the use of coal electrode pitch, what is the suitable coal electrode pitch for electric furnaces? How to observe the surface shape of the coal electrode pitch to determine whether the coal electrode pitch is used normally or not, and how to use it. Practice has proved that in the production process of the electric furnace, by observing the coal electrode pitch in use after sintering, it becomes the characterization of the geometric shape of the electrode. A good electrode geometry can indicate that the coal electrode pitch is suitable for the production characteristics of the furnace. Whether its various physical and chemical indicators and raw material ratios are accurate.

Through many years of coal electrode pitch production practice and electric furnace use, CGM carbon has obtained in practice that in order to adapt to the normal production of electric furnace enterprises, in order to meet the matching of high current and electric furnace, the coal electrode pitch needs to have a good geometric shape. A good coal electrode pitch geometry during the use of an electric furnace should be three aspects.

One side feature of the electrode. The shape of the electrode formed after coal electrode pitch sintering can reflect the oxidation resistance of coal electrode pitch, indicating the quality of coal electrode pitch raw materials; the smoothness of the coal electrode pitch surface reflects whether the raw material ratio of coal electrode pitch is reasonable; it also reflects The mathematical characteristics of a bright arc.

Working length of two electrodes. Mainly refers to the length of the arcing part where the electrode is inserted into the electric furnace. This is determined by the electrode resistance value. The larger the electrode resistance value causes the temperature of the floating material surface on the electrode to rise, the branch current increases, and the open arc increases* The final use of electricity increases. Therefore, the resistance of the electrode must be carefully regulated to achieve the purpose of controlling the working length of the electrode.

Three electrodes bottom shape. Including the level of bottom flatness, whether there are cracks, the size and length of the cracks, and whether there are chamfers, the size of the chamfers, etc. The flatness of the bottom reflects the consumption of the electrodes and the degree of arc deflection. The size of the chamfer reflects the consumption of the side of the electrode. Practice has proved that adjusting the aggregate ratio of the coal electrode pitch can solve the problem of the size of the chamfer and achieve the purpose of adjusting the consumption of the coal electrode pitch accordingly.

In summary, the use of coal electrode pitch, after forming conductive electrodes, requires the electrode surface to be smooth, suitable working length, flat bottom, suitable electrode and so on. As a coal electrode pitch production technician, you need to have a deeper understanding of these issues, as a sufficient basis for the coal electrode pitch formula. Adjust the formula according to the geometric shape of the electrode formed after the coal electrode pitch sintering to achieve the best effect of the produced coal electrode pitch on the electric furnace. That is to say, the manufacturer of the coal electrode pitch takes the user’s use effect on the electric furnace as the starting point. The formula in the textbook is principled. The ratio of various raw materials, particles, and powders can be adjusted according to the actual use effect. The formula of coal electrode pitch can only be continuously explored and accumulated from practice.

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