Closed silico-manganese furnace and closed nickel-iron furnace

Pubdate: 12-16 2021

Product introduction of standard submerged arc furnace and closed semi-closed submerged arc furnace

One principle use

Submerged arc furnace is mainly used to reduce raw materials such as smelting ore, carbonaceous reducing agent and solvent. It mainly produces ferrosilicon, ferromanganese, ferrochromium, tungsten, silicomanganese and other ferroalloys, which are important industrial raw materials in the metallurgical industry and calcium carbide and other chemical raw materials. Its working characteristic is to use carbonaceous or magnesia refractory materials as furnace lining and self-cultivation electrodes. The electrode** charge is submerged arc operation. It uses the energy and current of the arc to pass through the charge. The energy is generated due to the resistance of the charge to smelt the metal. It is an industrial electric furnace with continuous feeding and intermittent tapping of iron slag.

Two structural characteristics

Submerged arc furnace is a kind of industrial electric furnace that consumes huge power. Mainly consists of furnace shell, fume hood, furnace lining, short net, water cooling system, smoke exhaust system, dust removal system, electrode shell, electrode pressure release and lifting system, loading and unloading system, controller, burning through device, hydraulic system, submerged arc furnace Transformers and various electrical equipment, etc.

The submerged arc furnace equipment is arranged in three layers

The first layer is composed of furnace body (including furnace bottom support, furnace shell, furnace lining), iron tapping system (including ladle or pot and chartered car, etc.), burning through device, etc.

Second floor

(1) Smoke hood. At present, most of the submerged arc furnaces adopt a closed or semi-closed low hood structure, which is environmentally friendly, easy to maintain, and improves the operating environment. The closed structure can also collect the exhaust gas (mainly carbon monoxide) produced in the production for comprehensive utilization, and can reduce the heat loss of the circuit, lower the temperature of the upper electrode, and improve the operating conditions.

(2) Electrode holder. Most submerged arc furnaces are powered by three-phase power, and the electrodes are arranged in a symmetrical position in the middle of the furnace. Large-scale submerged arc furnaces generally use electrode materials made of anthracite, coke and coal tar pitch, which are self-grown and fired during the electric furnace smelting process.

(3) Short network

(4) Copper tiles

(5) Electrode shell

(6) Cutting system

(7) Stove machine

(8) Smoke exhaust system

(9) Water cooling system

(10) Transformer for submerged arc furnace

(11) Operating system

the third floor

(1) Hydraulic system

(2) Electrode pressure release device

(3) Electrode lifting system

(4) Steel platform

(5) Hopper and circular distributing vehicle

Other accessories; skew bridge feeding system, electronic batching system, etc.

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