Crushing process of electrode paste ingredients

Pubdate: 01-17 2022

This process mainly has several forms in terms of the layout of process equipment.

A flat layout: all the crushing equipment, screening equipment, milling equipment, and storage bins are all on the same plane. It is basically manual operation, the environment is very poor, and the labor intensity is high. This arrangement method is mainly used by some small enterprises and manufacturers with small output. The process is simple and the investment is small. Not suitable for large-scale production requirements and environmental protection requirements. Belongs to extensive production methods. It is characterized by low investment, high labor intensity, high pollution, and low efficiency. In today’s social environment where people-oriented, safety and environmental protection are first, small factories should also improve the method of eliminating this kind of medium-crushed ingredients.

graphite electrode,
cold ramming paste,
semi coke,
electrode paste,
graphite carbon block,
smelt material,

Two-dimensional layout: This layout mainly uses the gravity of the material for process layout. First, the materials are fed into the crusher to be crushed as required, then the materials are lifted to a certain height by the material lifting equipment, and then enter the silo by gravity, enter the screening equipment for material screening, classification, and storage. Enter the milling equipment for milling and storage. Continue to use gravity to carry out ingredients according to the process formula, complete the task of the medium-crushing ingredient process, and achieve the purpose of preparing for the next process. The usual batching silos are equipped with 9-12. The design institutes generally design them in a line-shaped arrangement, and use a mobile measuring trolley to move the measuring and receiving materials, or each silo is equipped with a horizontal conveying device to transport to the batching measuring hopper.

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