Difference of electrode paste in submerged arc furnace

Pubdate: 07-23 2022

Electrode paste is used in open and closed submerged arc furnaces as a continuous self baking electrode to produce calcium carbide, ferroalloy and other products. The annual output is 7000 tons. Implement the standards of the Ministry of Metallurgy: yb/t5215 ~ 1996 (and refer to the user’s industry standards).

1> Non standard electrode paste: ash and volatile are provided according to users’ and industry standards.

2> Airtight paste: thd-1 and – 2.

3> Special paste and semi graphitized paste of all electric calcined materials: it is provided according to the user’s index value, and the ash and volatile matter are provided according to the user’s requirements and industry standards. Ash can be promised 2%.

The supply price of paste products shall be based on the model cost of raw materials, which shall follow the market and be implemented through negotiation.

Note: low grade paste products with ash content higher than 6.0 are no longer produced.

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