discount graphite electrode uhp

Pubdate: 07-06 2021

“Intraday changes” discount graphite electrode uhp plate rose rapidly +2.38%

The financial sector reported on the 30th that the discount graphite electrode uhp sector rose during the session, and Yunmei Energy’s daily limit, Baotailong, Baosteel, Huajin, etc. followed up

discount graphite electrode uhp

100,000 tons of ultra-high power discount graphite electrode uhp project settled in Gansu

On the morning of the 20th, Baosteel Chemical and Fangda Carbon’s 100,000-ton ultra-high power discount graphite electrode uhp project joint venture contract, investment guarantee agreement signing ceremony and project groundbreaking ceremony were held in Lanzhou City, Gansu Province. This marks the birth of another carbon production base with high-end technological advantages in the international carbon industry.

The reporter learned from the signing ceremony that the project was jointly established by Shanghai Baosteel Chemical Co., Ltd. and Fangda Carbon New Material Technology Co., Ltd. The two parties will jointly invest 2.7 billion yuan to register and establish Baofang Carbon Material Technology Co., Ltd. Among them, Baosteel Chemical holds 51% of the shares, and Fangda Carbon holds 49% of the shares.

“Industrial projects are an important cornerstone of building a modern industrial system. Lanzhou insists on taking the construction of major industrial projects as a powerful tool for accelerating economic development.” Li Rongcan, secretary of the Lanzhou Municipal Party Committee, said that the implementation of the project will help improve the industrial economic structure of Lanzhou and even Gansu Province. The transformation and upgrading of the industrial structure and the promotion of high-quality development play an important role.

It is understood that the total land area of the project is about 1,000 mu. It is planned to start construction in 2018 and is expected to be fully completed and put into operation in 2020. (End) discount graphite electrode uhp.

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