discount uhp electrode

Pubdate: 07-06 2021

In-depth analysis and summary of discount uhp electrode market in 2018 Since 2017, with the implementation of environmental protection supervision and supply-side structural reform policies, steel prices have risen, and the benefits of the steel industry have risen sharply. As the steel industry continues to pick up, coupled with the thorough cleaning and remediation of “floor steel” and intermediate frequency furnaces, the number of new electric furnaces has increased significantly, causing the demand for discount uhp electrode to rise sharply. The change of supply and demand relationship makes the price increase of discount uhp electrode inevitable.

discount uhp electrode

The trend fell in 2018 and continued to decline after a slight rebound in the third quarter
Supply and demand: supply and demand are basically stable
The price of discount uhp electrode is still high, and the profit margin is still considerable; the shortage of imported needle coke resources has pushed up the price of domestic electrodes; the price of discount uhp electrode and needle coke abroad has risen steadily; new capacity will be gradually released from 2019 to 2020.

Environmental protection: Cancel the “one size fits all” policy and clearly implement peak-shift production.

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