diy electrode paste

Pubdate: 06-17 2021

diy electrode paste

[Electrode paste, many people choose CGM carbon]

CGM was established in 1992 and has so far developed into a large-scale carbon production enterprise with an annual output of 200,000 tons of electrode paste and 250,000 tons of forged coke.

In the development process of CGM Carbon, we have experienced many difficulties and detours. However, with the basic concept of honest management, CGM Carbon has grown stronger. CGM carbon products are not only sold domestically, but also exported to Indonesia, foreign countries and other countries, and are recognized and praised by the international market.

[Electrode paste, why do we do better]

There are 500 electrode paste production enterprises nationwide, and there are more than 100 production enterprises with a scale of more than 10,000 tons. Among so many electrode paste production plants, why is CGM Carbon doing better in terms of production scale and reputation?

This starts with the development process of CGM Carbon. CGM Carbon was established in 1992 and was originally a carbon enterprise with petroleum coke calcination as its main business. In 2006, the CGM carbon electrode paste production line was put into operation. The production of electrode paste requires heat to soften and shape the raw materials. The general electrode paste factory needs a gas generator in this process, and in time, it also needs more expensive natural gas after coal is changed to gas. However, because our calcined coke production line can release a lot of spare heat, and this heat is just used by the electrode paste production line. Therefore, compared to more general electrode paste manufacturers, we have already saved a lot of costs in terms of heat generation.

[Purchasing electrode paste, please be cautious when encountering these problems]

False price

There are some small factories in the market, in order to get orders and falsely report prices, they often resort to all means.

A customer in Anyang, Henan, received a quotation of 2550 per ton from an electrode paste factory in Ningxia. After the actual supply began, the customer regretted it. The electrode was broken every two days. When communicating with the manufacturer, the manufacturer was indifferent. , After the resistance is finally measured, the resistance is unexpectedly reached;.

Therefore, we must recognize the factory, if the price is too low, even the cost is difficult to maintain, how can we provide genuine electrode paste.

【Physical and Chemical Index of Electrode Paste】

Resistance: <65

Ash content: <5%

Volatile: 10.0-15.0

Density: >1.3

Withstand voltage coefficient:>

Extensibility: 6-20

Shape: egg ball, trapezoid, cylinder.

Packing: Ton bag or export packing. According to customer requirements.

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