eaf graphite electrodes 150-600mm

Pubdate: 07-16 2021

What are the graphitization mechanisms of CGM eaf graphite electrodes 150-600mm?

What are the graphitization mechanisms? Regarding the transformation mechanism of carbonaceous materials in the electrode graphitization process, as the understanding deepens, there are different theories, among which the following are representative:

(1) Carbide conversion theory. Carbide conversion theory believes that the graphitization of carbonaceous materials is first through the formation of carbides with various minerals (such as 203, and), and then decomposes into metal vapor and eaf graphite electrodes 150-600mm at high temperatures. This theory is correct for the decomposition of eaf graphite electrodes 150-600mm, but it is obviously not true for electrode graphitization of most carbon materials.

(2) Recrystallization theory. The recrystallization theory believes that the graphite crystals present in the carbonaceous raw materials are “welded” together to form larger graphite crystals through the displacement of carbon atoms during the graphitization process; the new crystals absorb foreign carbon at the contact interface of the original crystals. The degree of graphitization is related to the growth of crystals, but mainly depends on the graphitization temperature; the difficulty of graphitization is related to the structural properties of the carbonaceous material; the size of graphite crystals increases as the temperature rises, but It’s just a quantitative change, not an essential change. This theory explains to a certain extent the relationship between crystal growth and graphitization temperature, as well as the influence of raw material properties on the degree of graphitization, but graphitization is a much more complicated multi-stage process than described by this theory, and its existing crystal size The increase of, there are also changes in atomic valence bonds and changes in order.

(3) The theory of crystallite growth. The theory of microcrystalline growth believes that amorphous carbon is composed of microcrystals of eaf graphite electrodes 150-600mm, which is the basis for the conversion of amorphous carbon into eaf graphite electrodes 150-600mm structure. At high temperatures, the microcrystals are roughly on the same plane. The crystal layers gradually combine with the new carbon mesh plane and increase rapidly, and at the same time, the layers are twisted and rearranged in the direction perpendicular to the layers, thereby increasing the number of ordered layers. When the microcrystals are basically transformed into a three-dimensional orderly arrangement, a crystal of 150-600mm eaf graphite electrodes is finally formed.

(4) Defect elimination mechanism. Defect elimination mechanism believes that electrode graphitization is a process in which various types of defects in the amorphous carbon disordered layer structure are gradually eliminated under the action of high temperature thermal stress. The elimination of layer defects flattens and enlarges the original distorted layer, forming a perfect carbon hexagonal planar network structure, and the microcrystalline structure of the electrode graphite gradually develops. The elimination of layer stacking faults makes the adjacent carbon hexagonal planar mesh layers arranged in an orderly manner, and the layer spacing gradually decreases, gradually approaching the crystal structure of eaf graphite electrodes 150-600mm. The molecular configuration of the carbon mesh layer and the heat treatment temperature have an important effect on the electrode graphitization process.

[Electrode paste, many people choose CGM carbon] CGM was established in 1992 and has developed into a large-scale carbon production enterprise with an annual output of 200,000 tons of electrode paste and 250,000 tons of forged coke. In the development process of CGM Carbon, we have experienced many difficulties and detours. However, with the basic concept of honest management, CGM Carbon has grown stronger. CGM carbon products are not only sold domestically, but also exported to Indonesia, foreign countries and other countries, and are recognized and praised by the international market.

[Electrode paste, why we do it better] There are 500 electrode paste manufacturers nationwide, and there are more than 100 manufacturers with a scale of more than 10,000 tons. In so many electrode paste production plants, why is CGM carbon in the production scale? Do better in terms of word of mouth. This starts with the development history of CGM Carbon. CGM Carbon was established in 1992 and was initially a carbon enterprise with petroleum coke calcination as its main business. In 2006, the CGM carbon electrode paste production line was put into operation. The production of electrode paste requires heat to soften and shape the raw materials. The general electrode paste factory needs a gas generator in this process, and in time, it also needs more expensive natural gas after coal is changed to gas. However, because our calcined coke production line can release a lot of spare heat, and this heat is just used by the electrode paste production line. Therefore, compared to more general electrode paste manufacturers, we have already saved a lot of costs in terms of heat generation.

[Purchase of electrode paste, please be cautious when encountering these problems] The threshold for the production of electrode paste in the leather bag company is relatively high. First of all, environmental issues. Without an environmental assessment report, it is impossible to produce an electrode paste factory; secondly, it is a cost issue. , Even if a non-CNC production line, the cost of an electrode paste processing line is still tens of millions. Not to mention other raw materials and technical costs. So not everyone can afford the electrode paste business casually. Therefore, there are many trading companies on the market that sell electrode paste under the name of the factory, but they have no production capability, let alone after-sales service. The price is also often very low, and when it is sold, it is shoddy. Therefore, when purchasing electrode paste, you must check the strength of the factory and beware of being deceived. Our company has encountered many such customers. [Physical and chemical indicators of electrode paste] Resistance: <65 Ash content: <5% volatilization: 10.0-15.0 Density: >1.3 Pressure coefficient: > Ductility: 6-20 Shape: egg pill, trapezoid, cylinder. Packing: Ton bag or export packing. According to customer requirements. Note: The parameter is the limit value reached by our factory. Please call us for details.

[Electrode paste, the highest quality raw materials create the highest quality products] The success of CGM carbon electrode paste is that advanced equipment and excellent technology are indispensable factors. Of course, there are other factors that add to the improvement of CGM quality. . As we all know, electric forging coal is the aggregate of electrode paste, and the quality of electric forging coal directly affects the use effect of electrode paste. CGM carbon electrode paste uses authentic Ningxia Taixi coal, which has low volatility, low ash content, high carbon content, low resistance and high hardness. It is a natural raw material for electrode paste. The carbon content of Taixi coal is 20% higher than that of Shanxi anthracite, and the price is 30% higher. Ningxia Taixi Coal has been known as black gold since ancient times.

[Electrode paste, CGM carbon can meet huge orders] This true story happened in a large alloy group factory in Shandong. One day, a dealer came to us and said that 12,000 tons of electrode paste are needed every year. We didn’t believe it at first, but after detailed communication, we learned that he is the owner of a small electrode paste factory in Shandong because he signed a contract with a group company in Shandong for two per year. For a 10,000-ton order, his own factory has a maximum annual output of only 8,000 tons, and the remaining 12,000 tons must be cooperated with the factory. With an annual output of 200,000 tons of electrode paste, CGM Carbon still has a margin of 12,000 tons. Therefore, not all orders can be eaten by the factories on the market, but CGM carbon is different. CGM carbon electrode paste can meet the needs of the group company’s electrode paste. [Electrode paste, CGM carbon makes the world without submerged arc furnace accidents] According to statistics, in all submerged arc furnace accidents, 20% are electrode paste problems, and 30% are caused by workers. The quality of our electrode paste can allow customers to avoid these 20% of the problems, and the after-sales service of our factory engineers can provide free training to the workers, allowing the factory to avoid the remaining 30% of the problems.

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