Electric furnace smelting ferronickel technology

Pubdate: 01-07 2022

Submerged arc furnace for laterite mine is a better technical choice for producing ferronickel. At present, it is believed that the better process route is laterite ore—dehydration, agglomeration—adding coke and flux—electric furnace smelting—making coarse ferronickel—reducing C, SI, S, P Impurities, converter refining — ferronickel (granulated, cast block) or smelted stainless steel. The public art of obtaining stainless steel products directly from laterite ore has been realized by Inner Mongolia Mingtuo Company.

According to the differences in process methods, resource conditions, product quality, etc., pyro-ferronickel smelting technologies are diverse. At present, there are rotary furnace direct reduction methods, blast furnace methods, blast furnace methods, and electric heating methods. Among them, the electric heating method can be divided into electric carbon heating and electric heating silicon method. The products are divided into a single nickel-iron and nickel-chromium compound or nickel-chromium and cobalt compound alloy methods. As far as we are concerned, we can only involve the production technology of electric furnace ferronickel, and the main content is the preparation and use of electric furnace smelting ferronickel electrode and other related technical issues.

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