electrode carbon paste

Pubdate: 07-07 2021

Ingredients management and common problems of electrode carbon paste

This article briefly talks about the ingredients, management, roasting, and common electrode accidents of electrode carbon paste. I hope it will be helpful for everyone to learn more about electrode carbon paste. As the self-baking electrode of the submerged electric furnace, electrode carbon paste is widely used in the smelting of various products in the submerged electric furnace.

electrode carbon paste

Although the cost of electrode carbon paste in the production of calcium carbide, ferroalloys and other products is relatively low, the quality of the electrode carbon paste and the quality of the electrode roasting directly affect the stability of the operation of the submerged electric furnace.

Due to the various types of submerged electric furnaces, the different furnace conditions, and the increasing capacity of the electric furnace, when the quality index of the electrode carbon paste meets the requirements, the roasting quality plays a decisive factor. This requires us to use calcium carbide and ferroalloys. In the actual production of other products, we start with the management of the electrode carbon paste, strictly implement the operating procedures, place the electrodes regularly and quantitatively, and maintain the normal and stable operating parameters of the electric furnace at all times to ensure the highest output of the electric furnace.

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