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Pubdate: 07-07 2021

Electrode manufacturer’s production introduction

Electrode manufacturer can be said to be a product with simple technology and complex technology in carbon production. One is because the electrode manufacturer is kneaded and formed into a finished product. Unlike other carbon and graphite products, when defects occur in the previous process, it can be compensated by roasting, graphitization or even impregnation. Secondly, the electrode manufacturer directly deals with the user, and uses the process after the user completes the process to form the electrode to play the function of the carbon product. However, the electrode manufacturer users are very different: different furnace types; different production products; different regions; different environments; different seasons and operations The technical level of the personnel is also different. The so-called: it is difficult to adjust. It is difficult for an electrode manufacturer to adapt to such complex conditions of use. Therefore, the production process of the electrode manufacturer seems to be relatively simple. To produce a good one, it needs special Experience and technology.

electrode manufacturer

The production formula of the electrode manufacturer should not be changed easily

The production formula of the electrode manufacturer should not be changed easily, and the change of the formula should be tested many times. Small calcium carbide furnaces or ferroalloy furnaces can all be equipped with metallurgical coke or pitch coke and an electrode manufacturer with a small amount of natural graphite, but the consumption is larger. For large or medium-sized calcium carbide furnaces and ferroalloy furnaces, the electrode manufacturer should be prepared with anthracite and metallurgical coke. Adding a small amount of natural graphite or graphitized metallurgical coke to the electrode manufacturer’s formula will help improve the electrode manufacturer’s electrical and thermal conductivity. However, the preparation of earthy graphite in small and medium factories should be strictly controlled.

electrode manufacturer

It should be noted that too much asphalt will cause the sintering speed of the electro-paste paste to fail to keep up with the consumption, and it will easily cause soft fracture. Electrode manufacturers with too much binder have high porosity and low strength after sintering, and will produce hard fracture under certain conditions. When the amount of binder is too small, the electrode manufacturer sinters too fast, the bonding force between the particles after sintering is poor, the strength is low, and it is easy to cause hard fracture. Comparing the two, the undesirable consequences of soft disconnection are more serious than those of hard disconnection. In production, if the quality of the asphalt is not tested, resulting in large fluctuations in the production quality, users dare not use this kind of electrode manufacturer lightly.

The kneading temperature should be stable, and the dry mixing and wet mixing time should be sufficient to allow the binder to fully penetrate into the pores of the carbonaceous raw material particles and form a “bonding film” uniformly on the surface of the particles. In addition, the kneading temperature is high, resulting in poor particle structure of the paste.

The ash content of the electrode manufacturer should be strictly controlled from the calculation of the ingredients. Due to the poor quality of calcination in some factories, the quality of the electrode manufacturer has deteriorated. Because the increase in the ash content of the electrode manufacturer will cause an increase in consumption.

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