electrode paste elkem

Pubdate: 06-17 2021

electrode paste elkem

[Strongly recommended] Ten basic requirements for raw materials and equipment for electrode paste production

①Strictly control the ash content and resistivity index of the raw materials, ensure the car and car test, and have no influence on the quality

Qualified raw materials are resolutely returned to ensure the use of high-quality raw materials;

②Classified storage in different raw material warehouses, strict management, and prohibition of mixing with other substances;

③ Strict screening of residues to ensure the removal of electrolytes and fine powders with high ash content;

④The powder material ensures the fineness and purity, closed management, and prevents dust pollution;

⑤ Stabilize the bitumen index, use liquid bitumen, and control the insulation temperature;

⑥Using high-efficiency, energy-saving and easy-to-maintain collar crusher for medium crushing and ball milling

Grinding and vibrating screen for raw material screening;

⑦The PLC computer control system is used to carry out precise batching to prevent batching errors;

⑧The double-shaft stirring kneader is used for kneading, and the stirring knife crosses the radius to make the paste

Get sufficient uniform mixing;

⑨The heat conduction oil heating boiler is used to heat the kneading pot to improve thermal efficiency and thermal stability


⑩ All production equipment should be regularly checked for use, and the equipment should be repaired or replaced in time.

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