Electrode paste in the process of smelting silicon aluminum and iron

Pubdate: 12-11 2021

It is more difficult to smelt silicon-aluminum-ferroalloy in a closed electrode paste submerged arc furnace, and only a good start can make the future smelting road smoother. Therefore, adequate preparation, high-quality raw materials, careful operation, and excellent technology are all necessary guarantees for opening the furnace.

The ferrosilicon-aluminum alloy produced by the submerged thermal method, as a steelmaking deoxidizer, has been gradually recognized by major steel mills and more and more manufacturers because of its good deoxidizing effect and can effectively reduce steelmaking costs. At present, the types of furnaces for the production of ferrosilicon-aluminum alloys are mostly concentrated in the range of 1800KVa to 6300kVA.

Its production capacity accounts for more than 80% of all submerged arc furnaces producing silicon-aluminum-ferroalloys, and its smelting technology in small furnaces is also becoming more mature. However, the rise in electricity prices and the pressure of industrial policies have prompted the production of silicon-aluminum-ferroalloy furnaces to gradually become larger. Everyone knows that more than 50% of the production cost of ferroalloys is electricity consumption, while the electricity consumption per ton of large electric furnaces is significantly reduced. As one of the more difficult to smelt ferroalloys, silicon-aluminum-ferroalloys are used for smelting the electrode paste closed paste submerged arc furnace each time the electric furnace capacity increases is a major technological leap.

This article summarizes the problems that should be paid attention to in the process of smelting ferro-silicon-aluminum alloy on the 16.5WVA electrode paste submerged arc furnace, in order to provide some references for the smelting of ferro-silicon-aluminum alloy.

Device parameters

(1). Furnace type: 16.5MVA submerged arc furnace

(2). Transformers: Three 5500KVA single-phase smelting transformers are distributed in triangles.

(3). Diameter of polar center circle: adjustable from 2700mm-3000mm.

(4). Electrode diameter: 1150mm.

(5) Hearth diameter: 6000mm.

(6) Furnace depth: 2400mm.

(7) Grip system: corrugated pressure ring gripper.

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