electrode paste price

Pubdate: 06-17 2021

electrode paste price

The addition of electrode paste and the control of electrode paste column

Addition of electrode paste and control of electrode paste column The height of the electrode paste column refers to the height from the upper end of the electrode conductive clip to the top of the electrode paste. The height of the paste column is related to the capacity of the furnace, the size of the electrode diameter, and the operating load. Large furnaces with large diameters are higher, furnaces with small diameters and small columns are low, high operating loads are high, and low loads are low. , Generally should be controlled between 3.5~5m. If the electrode paste is too high, the thick and fine particles in the electrode paste are prone to stratification, or the electrode cylinder will be swollen due to too much pressure of the paste column. If the pressure of the paste column is too low, the pressure of the paste column is too small and the filling is poor, making it difficult to obtain compactness. The electrode has poor oxidation resistance, and the electrode paste is consumed too quickly. Reasonable height of electrode paste column is beneficial to improve electrode baking quality and reduce consumption.

(1) Keep the electrode paste clean and clean from all aspects of procurement, transportation, loading and unloading, storage and paste, to prevent the contamination of debris and dust, and crush the electrode paste to a certain particle size to prevent the particle size from being too large and hanging. After adding the paste , Cover the electrode cylinder cover to prevent dust and debris from falling into the electrode cylinder.

(2) Ensure that the height of the electrode paste column is controlled within the range of process requirements. It is stipulated that the electrode paste should be added and the height of the paste column should be tested by special operators every day, 3 times a day, less frequent additions, to ensure the stability of the electrode paste height , And make an original record of the amount of paste used in each phase electrode every day, find the cause of the abnormality and carry out the corresponding treatment.

(3) When the furnace is newly opened or restarted after a long period of shutdown, due to the low furnace temperature, the current and load rise slowly. The low point of the paste column should be controlled at the beginning, and the low point should be controlled frequently (measured every 2h), and the furnace temperature, The current and load gradually increase and increase to the height of the normal paste column.

(4) When the electrode is over-burned, the paste column can be appropriately increased by 500~ to slow down the electrode sintering; when the electrode is under-burned, the paste column can be appropriately reduced by 500~ to speed up the electrode sintering; in summer, the paste column can be increased by 500~ than in winter to slow down the sintering due to temperature. The influence of the electrode; when an electrode accident occurs, the paste column can be appropriately reduced when the electrode is re-fired.

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