Electrode paste use requirements and preparation process

Pubdate: 12-09 2021

Requirements for the use of electrode paste

The process method of producing ferroalloy by electric furnace is the most important process technology. In my country, the number of alloys produced by submerged arc furnaces in electric furnace equipment exceeds 80% of the total output of ferroalloys. Submerged arc furnace is the main equipment furnace type.

Submerged arc furnace is also called submerged arc reduction electric furnace. The process technology for the production of ferroalloys uses electric energy as the main heat source, uses carbonaceous reductant to reduce ore, and produces deoxidizers and alloying agents required for steel production. It is the main method for producing ferroalloys. The high temperature and thermal energy required by the ferroalloys produced are usually converted by sending electrical energy into the electric furnace through self-baking electrodes. The self-baking electrode is an indispensable central link in submerged arc furnace equipment, and is the basic condition and prerequisite for the existence of smelting ferroalloy production technology.

In view of the need for continuous high-temperature production, the submerged arc furnace is usually an uninterrupted operation for several years, and the self-baking electrode of the electric furnace is required to be able to continuously transmit electricity. For this reason, the quality, performance, firing technology and use conditions of the electrode paste should all meet the technical requirements for continuous production.

Preparation process of electrode paste

The self-baking electrode (electrode paste) is made of anthracite, coke powder, pitch and broken graphite as raw materials, mixed in a certain proportion of particle size, mixed, stirred and kneaded at an appropriate temperature, pressed into shape, and cooled to make a paste . When in use, the small pieces of electrode paste are loaded into the motor shell of the submerged arc furnace, and during the production process, it relies on the Joule heat generated when the current passes through and the conduction heat in the furnace to self-sinter and coke. The electrode can be used in continuous molding using, connecting to length, and sintering. Configure self-baking electrodes with different diameters according to the electric furnace capacity. The self-baking electrode equipped with submerged arc furnace is widely used in ferroalloy production because of its simple process structure and low operating cost.

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