Electrode Paste

Pubdate: 06-11 2021

electrode paste

Electrode Paste
As the top electrode paste manufacturer in China, Continuously improves its recipe and upgrades its production technology. The improved electrode paste has the characteristics of high strength and low consumption rate. Its ash content is controlled within 3%.

Our experienced engineers periodically visit and check the conditions of every customer’s submerged arc furnace, and customize technical parameters for each electrode.

Why Choose Us
The main raw material of our electrode paste is the authentic Ningxia Taixi anthracite, and the raw materials also include graphite scrap with a carbon content of 99.9%.

Ash is less than 2%
Sulfur content below 1.5%
Resistivity below 70
Compressive strength: the national standard is greater than 18; Our product is around 24.
Bulk density: national standard is greater than 1.38, ours is above 1.45
Extensibility: National Standard 20-40, ours is around 30
Raw Materials and Production
The main raw material of our electrode paste is the authentic Ningxia Taixi anthracite, and the raw materials also include graphite scrap with a carbon content of 99.9%.

The product has the characteristics of low ash content, low V.M, high carbon content, low electrical resistance, and high strength, and the consumption is 20% lower than that of the rivals. In order to further improve the output and quality of electrode paste, the world’s advanced manufacturing technology and production process have been introduced.

Using a fully automatic production line, most of the procedures of ingredient, crushing, kneading, and forming are competed by computer control. The electrode paste finished product is more suitable for the needs of submerged arc furnace with more accurate recipe, which meet customer’s requirement.

Ningxia Taixi anthracite-2
carbon-Electrode Paste production

Technical Support
The company maintains stringent quality processes and standards in the industry to ensure an effective Quality Management System.

Holding itself to the high-quality standards that control everything from incoming raw materials to final factory production.

All materials are tested to ensure they meet industry standards before entering the manufacturing phase.

Superior quality, outstanding customer service, and operational dependability.

Main Applications
Used in electric equipment such as ferroalloys furnace, carbide furnace as a conductive material.

Using Guide
For electrode paste manufacturers, the two most taboo problems are soft and hard electrode breakage, of which soft breakage is even more terrible and can easily cause accidents. Hard breaking is caused by insufficient strength of the electrode paste after sintering; soft breaking is because the electrode sintering speed is not as fast as the consumption speed, and the lowering is too fast. The electrode cannot be fully sintered and cannot withstand the tensile and lateral impact of the lower part of the electrode, causing fracture. These two problems are directly related to the performance of the carbon manufacturer’s electrode paste, and also related to the operation during use.

At present, the main problem that plagues manufacturers is that the electrode paste baking speed is too slow, so some manufacturers use methods to reduce the amount of asphalt used. This method is effective to a certain extent, but the amount of bitumen is too low, resulting in poor fluidity of the electrode paste, the electrode paste is not easy to fill in the electrode barrel, and the poor density after sintering is easy to cause hard breaks. Another method is to reduce the bitumen The softening point of the electrode increases the sintering speed of the electrode, but the softening point of the asphalt can not be reduced indefinitely, because the too low softening point of the asphalt reduces the coking rate of the asphalt.

Therefore, in addition to properly grasping the above two methods, the production of electrode paste also needs to improve the sintering speed of the electrode through the adjustment of the formula, such as appropriately adding graphite materials with good conductivity and heat transfer performance in the formula Conduction heat obtained in the furnace to speed up the roasting speed, while trying to reduce the consumption of the electrode to reduce the speed of the electrode lowering can also achieve the matching of electrode consumption and roasting.


Si Fe P Ash Content Resistivity V.M Density Compression Strength Extensibility Apparent Density Rupture Density Real Density Liquidity coefficient
< 0.28% < 0.25% 0.004 2-10% 55-90Ω 10.0-15.0 >1.46 g/cm³ >18Mpa 6-20 >1.42 g/cm³ >4.0 >1.98 g/cm³ 1.10-2.10

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