fast electrode

Pubdate: 07-08 2021

The appearance of the fast electrode determines the quality to a certain extent

Fast electrodes also have external appearances. When there is skin appearance, there are appearances. People often say that if you sell a piece of leather, the first thing you look at is the appearance of the skin. This is like a blind date, but only the appearance. Fast electrode is a conductive material supplied to submerged arc furnaces such as ferroalloy furnaces and calcium carbide furnaces. The product has a small resistivity, which can reduce the loss of electric energy, and has small pores, which can make the electrode in the heated state have a slow oxidation rate, high temperature resistance, low thermal expansion coefficient, and high mechanical strength. CGM Carbon Co., Ltd. has a graphite electrode production line with a complete set of procedures, and is an enterprise approved and registered by the relevant state departments.

fast electrode

The company’s main graphite products, fast electrode. Pre-baked anodes and other products, with stable quality, strong technical force, advanced equipment and technology, using domestic and foreign special graphite raw materials of various models and specifications, the product quality has reached the domestic advanced level, and its products are widely used in metallurgy, machinery, electronics, and chemical industry. And other fields, deeply welcomed by users at home and abroad. Although the fast electrodes produced by various factories and mining companies are similar in quality, the quality is also uneven. Of course, how to distinguish the quality of the fast electrode can only be known through use. But when buying fast electrode, which product to choose is a question. You can buy fast electrode, or you can come to see Snow Cave, Kangbaiwan Manor, the company special car pick-up, why not do it.

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