Ferronickel is exclusively used for the smelting of sealed and paste laterite ore

Pubdate: 12-12 2021

Crushing and screening

Laterite ore has low nickel content and uneven lumpiness. The particle size is finer, and there are also large blocks with a particle size of more than 100 millimeters. It is necessary to consider the installation of cone, jaw crusher or counter-roll crusher and screening equipment, so that the high-standard closed paste electric furnace ore and other charge can meet the technical requirements of use.


Laterite ore imported from Indonesia and the Philippines usually contains 32-40% moisture. About 20% of the physical water should be dried at 120°C for 2 hours to remove. Use closed paste submerged arc furnace, hot blast stove, rotary furnace hot flue gas to dry laterite, blast furnace or closed submerged arc furnace gas or to strengthen production equipment (7-8% crystalline water, decomposed and removed at 400℃, after half an hour.)


The powdered red clay is sintered, pelletized, and briquetted into the electrode paste submerged arc furnace, which can improve the air permeability of the closed paste charge and reduce the ringing failure during the charge reduction of the rotary furnace. In order to avoid excessively high water content of the sintering material, it is improper to use excessive lime (instead of limestone) to absorb the excess water of the sintering material. Because excessive lime is added, the ventilating conditions of the sinter material will be deteriorated; and more anthracite is required to burn exothermic heat to decompose calcium hydroxide; to remove water. It is better to use electrode paste submerged arc furnace hot flue gas and anthracite to burn and dry laterite ore economically.

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