Forming method of electrode paste-extrusion method

Pubdate: 01-13 2022

The working process of the extrusion method and the compression method is basically the same. First, the paste is introduced into the material chamber, and the paste is pre-compressed through the main plunger. Different from the molding method, the subsequently extruded paste will be extruded through a nozzle installed in the front of the material chamber, so that the paste has the same shape and size as the nozzle, and the model method is completed by a mold made by yourself fixed. After the Huoliao is squeezed out, the edges are cut to the specified length, and the squeezed green body is finished.

Some pipes, larger bars and other products with irregular shapes can be produced by the extrusion method of a vertical vibration forming machine. This method is very simple to operate, and can be produced continuously, which improves the production efficiency and the degree of mechanization of the products produced is relatively high.

The disadvantage of the extrusion method is that the density and mechanical strength of the product are not as high as the molding method, and it has anisotropy. The production of electrode paste, graphitized electrode, carbon block and carbon electrode mostly adopt this method.

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